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Singing the Blues… October 5, 2015

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What joy there is in refreshing rain here today in Southern California…

the blessed rain with dark gray skies!

It’s been way too long.

So I’m singing the blues today with a smile on my face.

With a little help from my friends

…Lapis Lazuli, Mystic Blue Quartz, Recycled Glass, and Chalcedony.


lapis stack


blue wired glass


lapis and mystic blue


turq chalcedony pillows


And because this is Southern California,

I know that the sun never stays away for too long.

Here’s to blue skies with a bright spot of sunshine.

(with glowing Carnelian bios)


lapis and carnelian


2 Responses to “Singing the Blues…”

  1. Your earrings are gorgeous! I just found your blog via a link to one of your lovely necklace projects on Craftbits. So glad to have found it – your jewelry is beautiful.

    I’m in California too, Central Valley. We welcomed a little bit of rain a few days ago, it was beautiful.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Peace. 🙂

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