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Pretty Palettes October Challenge Reveal ! October 28, 2015

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I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about an invitation from Erin Prais Hintz to partner with her for this month’s Pretty Palettes bead challenge, sponsored by Halcraft Company…which produces all those wonderful Bead Gallery beads. Halcraft not only sponsors these monthly challenges, but their website has tons of great design inspiration. They also have a fantastic Pinterest site with even more design ideas for you.

                   Here is this month’s inspiration photo and color palette…

                                                    perfectly timed for Fall.




Erin selected and sent me this gorgeous group of Bead Gallery beads to design anything I wanted. Oh, my!




I was struck by two things immediately with this color palette of beads.

First off, the range of gray tones. While there’s the expected gold, burnt orange, and burgundy, there’s two shades of gray. Unusual, for sure. And I love gray! And I’ve added more gray to my Fall wardrobe than any other color the last few years.  Tops, sweaters, knitted neck scarves, comfy suede flats… Designing jewelry that would compliment gray clothing pieces would be a focus.

Secondly, I wanted to use the antique silver daisy spacers more as a group, rather than individually…to show off the beaded, ruffled edge effects. To treat them as a larger element in design.


This first set uses a nice mix of materials…beads, metal daisy spacers and toggle clasp, as well as sari silk and one of my polymer clay leaves.  It was originally made to be a large button, but I’m happy to say that it fit very well into this design.


close up peek


burgundy leaf set


The next set highlights the luminous cherry quartz rounds…love this with the silver accents! Unusual combo for a Fall palette, but it would be so lovely with a gray cable knit turtleneck sweater I have. And then there’s that beautiful silver leaf toggle clasp!


leaf toggle bracelet 2



bracelet on gray



My last piece plays with a wire work design using some of that prepped copper wire I wrote about here and the 4mm opaque red glass beads that remind me so much of pomegranate seeds…




I’m so smitten with these little beauties that I purchased a another strand at Michael’s. Bought their very last one, in fact.  After creating 18 gauge hammered copper bars with wire wrapped bead links for a chain, I made a fringe of those ‘pomegranate seed’ beads dotted with a mix of natural stone, shell, turquoise, pyrite, pearl, and Czech glass beads.


fringe close up 2


fringe necklace


I think this fringed necklace would look amazing on sweaters in so many different Fall colors.  I can’t wait to get into my sweater cupboard, just as soon as the temperature drops below 70 degrees, which sadly doesn’t look like anytime soon.


The good news is that I still have plenty of beads left over from this challenge

to have many more hours of fun…

                                                             Thank you, Erin !










14 Responses to “Pretty Palettes October Challenge Reveal !”

  1. What a beautiful color palette! I love the look of using the daisy spacers bunched together as beads! That last necklace is really a stunner – I am a sucker for handmade chain! Now I want to get my hands on a pomegranate! 🙂

  2. Molly Says:

    Lynda, I love your pieces! The little red beads are do reminiscent of pomegranate seeds, that they almost look good enough to eat! When I first glanced at your bracelet, I thought the loop of red beads attaching the clasp almost looked like berries. Thank you for playing along with Erin and the rest of the Halcraft team!

  3. Well done, Miss Lynda! You were really inspired to make so many different looks. I love the idea of grouping those smaller spacer beads. It really does give them a greater visual impact to feature them like that. Love the touch of silk and the handmade leaf button, too! That bracelet is amazing because of your selective use of accent beads. The one filigree bead leads your eye and the tiny red beads give a pop! Yes, to pomegranate seeds! They really do look like that. And I am glad to know that I am not the only one that buys up all the strands of my favorites, my newest being those gold hematite spacers! Thanks again for joining me in the challenge! Check back on November 4th for our next Pretty Palettes inspiration! Enjoy the day. Erin

  4. Lovely work! I can’t decide if I like the leaf and silk necklace or the fringe necklace best; both are great! Nice photography also!

  5. cebette Says:

    All of your designs are lovely (as always) but I especially love how you mixed the silk fabric with the beads in the 1st necklace. A wonderful combination of colors and textures!

  6. Lynda, I must say that if it had been me getting the challenge, I would surely have got a bad bout of beader’s block, and been unable to come up with anything! Probably… But you didn’t, clearly, and the pieces just got better and better! Love that last one most, such a fun piece! I can see it with a monochrome tee, if the sweater weather doesn’t appear soon. And the first is sooo yummy with those amazing reds. That palette sure was wonderful, to me it is more of a winter one though, ice and snow, and red berries and frosty pink skies, but so what 🙂 I love just about every bead there (the daisy spacers don’t quite make it into my present style, but otherwise).

    • Lovely to have you stop by, as always, Monica! I must admit that for the first two week I had the beads in my possession, I was paralyzed. Then the ideas started coming. Especially pleased to find both the leaf PC button and the sari silk in one of my stash bins!

  7. such beautiful designs and colors too! Good job!!

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