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Still playing with beads… October 30, 2015

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In the last post I confessed to running to the nearest Michael’s and snatching up their last string of those dark red glass beads from the Pretty Palettes bead challenge. I’m still playing with them.

This time incorporating just a few between the large chunky wood beads in front and for a bead loop closure. If you’ve been around my blog for a month or two, you’ll also notice that I continue to play with red and turquoise palette in this necklace. Can’t seem to get enough of that color combo. Although this time, it’s more burgundy, but I still think it plays beautifully with turquoise.

At first I thought it would be too heavy a piece with all those ceramic beads around the neck…but the wood beads do lighten the load quite a bit.

chunky wood necklace 4

chunky wood necklace

As I test-drive the necklace around the house this morning, it actually feels great…you know it’s there, but it’s not annoying. I’m also checking on the security of the loop closure…bending over, jumping up and down, shaking it a bit…so far, so good.

And speaking of feels good…it’s almost feeling like Fall in Southern California this week. So I decided to make steak and potato pasties. I actually thought that they were a Swedish dish, because my Swedish grandmother made these and on to our whole family. Not until I was a teenager did I learn that she got the recipe from the wives of Welsh miners who lived in Butte, Montana. My grandfather was a night foreman in the Mt. Con mine.


           It’s still a treat to prepare and even better to eat…and always reminds me of family.


4 Responses to “Still playing with beads…”

  1. Sandra Parrott Says:

    Hahahsha. I can picture you jumping around They are beautiful Sandy

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Those pasties certainly don’t look Swedish, that I can tell! I’m culturally part Swedish, being born on the west coast of Finland and having Swedish as my mother tongue; we always watched Swedish TV when I was a kid, and buy Swedish cookery books! That kind of pastry has somehow taken a loop around Sweden, because to me it looks Russian or Eastern Finnish. Could also be Eastern European, South American — or British, as you say! The steak-and-potato definitely sounds like it would be closing in on Ireland (that would be Wales, then). In Eastern Finland the classic version is with a kind of herring and fatty meat in rye dough (sounds weird, and is too….). I’ve made versions with rice, cooked fish and mushrooms (no rye…). I had to google — found a Swedish recipe for Russian pasties with potatoes and onions, so there you go: potato pasties could be from anywhere!
    Look delicious!
    And how nice to hear you’re part Scandinavian 🙂

    • Morning, Monica! Lovely to even more information and cultural perspective on these tasty meat pies. I do know that the ones I grew up with originated with the Cornish and Welsh miners who settled in Butte. Meat and veggie pies can be seen in almost every part of the globe. Maybe the original handheld lunch or dinner to go! And my Swedish grandmother (from Gavla) emigrated when she was eighteen. Married an Irish miner and raised seven kids in Butte.

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