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Seed Bead Beauties November 1, 2015

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Erin Siegel shared this very easy seed bead bracelet tutorial almost two years ago…I saved it, then lost it, and lo and behold, just rediscovered it yesterday.  Always looking for ways to use up more of my huge stash of seed beads.  One of things I love most about this project is its versatility…change up the number of strands, toggle or clasp designs, combination of seed bead shapes, color, and sizes.  It could easily be extended in length and make a knock-out necklace.  Also, love the portability of this project…no need for tools, bench blocks, hammers, or torches.

       Here’s Erin’s bracelet…so pretty and delicate and perfect for Fall or Winter…

Silver Branches Bracelet Tutorial

So with about 5 yards of waxed linen cord, several varieties of seed beads, a another leaf toggle closure, off I went.

I actually made this one on a TV tray…watching a recorded episode of my favorite PBS show…The Great British Baking Show.  See, very portable and compact!

leaf toggle

leaf toggle and seed beads

The next one used only two colors of beads.  I also tried alternating four different patterns of beads, which are grouped in threes.  All silver, two silver and one brown, two brown and one silver, all brown. Repeat.

My technique of organized randomness, I guess. And simple.

square toggle and seed beads

square toggle

square toggle 2

I’m keeping this one.  Love the colors. It’s a party on my wrist.

Also, thinking that this would be a fabulous Girl’s Night Out party project…or for our next Women’s Retreat.  Always on the look out for great jewelry ideas.

So one more time…here Erin’s great tutorial !


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