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Bittersweet Goodbye…Hopeful Hello November 27, 2015

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     I said a very sad goodbye last week to a wonderful little gift shop in the heart of La Mesa Village…Handful of Wildflowers. The sweet owner, Sherri, took a chance on a fledgling jewelry maker four years ago. Together we sold a boatload of jewelry.  Due to a combination of doubled rent and eighteen months of disrupting street work, Sherri made the difficult choice to close up shop. But, she went out with a festive “celebration of life”, complete with food, wine, and mariachi band.




                           She and her delightful shop will be greatly missed.


And then…hello to a new opportunity…

One of the vendors at the holiday market last weekend approached me about looking into a new store in a very busy area of our city. Couldn’t be a busier location with tons of foot traffic…at the corner of Fifth Avenue and University.  Creative Crossroads is the name…rents out spaces to local artists and artisans.  I thought, ” What do I have to lose? It could be a very nice opportunity to sell in a new part of town.”  Sent an email with photos to the owner and received a positive response with an appointment to see her.  She was very enthusiastic about my stuff, especially the etched copper pieces…so I plunged. Starting off with some wall space. And enlisting my sweetie’s help to make me a large rustic looking frame, about 2×3 feet. I envision adding a piece of cork board covered with linen.  Some nice pins will hold the earring cards and a few necklaces.  Maybe I’ll try to fancy up the frame with some distressed paint treatment and a bit of embellishment at the corners. Not sure yet…but excited to see what this open door might hold.





And another friend emailed me with info about a pop-up market opportunity in December in yet another new area…so, I’m in!

It’s Saturday, December 12th, 11:00-5:00, at Mona Lizzy’s Art Studio, 2610 Adams Ave. in Kensington. Web site here.

Looks like such a fun space…art studio, yoga classes, hair salon, wine and craft nights, sewing classes…my kind of place!

Once again, I am gobsmacked by my life right now…never, ever, envisioned my retirement years would play out this way. I had so many satisfying years as a parent educator, preschool teacher, then in elementary school. In some ways, teaching in the classroom seems a life time ago and not just seven years.

 Life is full of surprises!




10 Responses to “Bittersweet Goodbye…Hopeful Hello”

  1. Becky Huebner Says:

    I am so happy for you! This is my dream in Minnesota also but I am a few years behind you. If you have any tips or leads for me I’d appreciate anything! Good luck with your opportunities!!!!! How exciting!!!!

    • Thanks so much, Becky…It took me months to get up the courage to walk into my first store and talk with the owner. I must admit I stalked the store for awhile to see what her clients liked and what products she offered and the prices…all that went into my decision that that store might be a good fit for me…and her.

  2. Melinda Green Hanson Says:

    Wow, Linda! Fifth and University as well as Kensington! I do believe those are some trendy areas of SD now, you should do well!

    • Hi, Melinda! I’m still a bit shaken that they said YES! No one would ever accuse me of being trendy…but they think my jewelry might do very well. I’ll excited for the possibilities. Both areas get lots of foot traffic and opening more independent shops. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. That does look promising! I seem to have the opposite problem right now: I’m too slow at making stuff, and can’t supply the places I’ve found with as much stuff I’d like to! Decided not to do the Christmas market this year either, since there is no way I’d get enough inventory for that. The darned day job… (which I actually like too right now). And I worked most of the Sunday on a Christmas present order, which I promised to a friend for a rather low sum, considering the work I then put into it…
    Good luck to you!

    • Thank you , Monica! I’ll be working on an making an attractive framed display for the new store…not my forte. I would much rather make jewelry! Good luck carving out time doing what you love…it can be so difficult during the holidays.

  4. Katie Says:

    So exciting!!
    And…Absolutely love your positivity.
    Look forward to every blog.
    You are actually encouraging this independent artist to seriously consider retiring her day job and start her dream.
    Happiest Holidays and enjoy your adventures.
    Keep us posted.

  5. beth Says:

    hi Linda, that is awesome! Year starting great for you. Good luck and keep us posted

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