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Departure Point… March 5, 2016

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       Still trying to wrap my head around the pastel pink and blue of Pantone’s color choices for 2016. The company’s promo was encouraging the mixing of the two. I did create two pair of earrings for a blog challenge a couple of months ago, but one pink and one blue. Just couldn’t quite like anything I did to mix the two.  That’s okay with me. I may not love their choices, but they are meant to turn our attention to colors that we may not normally embrace.  So here’s another one of my experiments with pink color Pantone calls Rose Quartz.

And this time, very girly.

With pearls, rhinestones, silk, and sparkle.

Very different from what I usually design.


Cherry Quartz tassel 3


It’s about 32 inches long and slips easily over the head.

 With a variety of 6mm glass pearls and beads knotted on

waxed linen cord.


Cherry quartz tassel necklace



The tassel has rhinestones, a large Cherry Quartz,

and soft, feathery silk ribbons.



Cherry quartz tassel 2


Even if it’s not my personal taste, I had fun playing with

the colors, the beads, and an esthetic that stretched  my

 brain a bit.



4 Responses to “Departure Point…”

  1. Janey Says:

    I like the way added the silk into this piece. It’s very pretty.

  2. Becky Huebner Says:

    I love it! It might not be my usual style either but the design you made is kind of artistic girlie, not necessary establishment girlie! 🙂

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