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Getting in gear… March 31, 2016

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      I had to give myself a little pep talk last week…but it hasn’t quite taken hold yet. This morning, I’m going to one of the stores that sells my jewelry and take the inventory home.  Despite some promising sales at first, it just doesn’t seem to be the venue for me. So, no more wasting time and money there.  Just not sure where to go now. Maybe reopen my Etsy and Square Market shops?  More craft fairs?  Meanwhile, I do need to get going. There is another pop up market in North Park I’ve committed to in a couple of weeks and I have big wholes in my stuff.

      I don’t do much in gold colors, but here’s two things I’ve done recently to share with you. The necklace features a beautiful verdigris brass pendant from the Zola Elements line I purchased at Lima Bead’s online shop. Beautifully detailed and good quality for very little money.  Very happy to have snagged three pendants!


verdigris feather


      I knotted some large Czech glass beads on waxed linen cord and a chunky gold chain that was ‘gifted’ to me by a friend. Finished off with a tassel made with embroidery floss.

      And then, these 14k gold filled thread earrings. Which I’m keeping, BTW. I rarely wear gold jewelry, but every once in awhile I get the hankering for it and these will fit the bill nicely.  Thread earrings are making a comeback it seems.  I purchased three sets from Rio Grande along with some 14k gold filled head pins. Love these small opalescent gold beads!


gold threads


                  Lightweight!  Good swing!  Nice sparkle!



10 Responses to “Getting in gear…”

  1. Kathy Zee Says:

    I find the same thing lately. Jewelry in a shop or two isn’t selling, and even my Etsy sales are just not good. It does not pay for the effort, time, money I put into it. But I will keep it for a while longer. It seems everyone is making jewelry these days and to be found on Etsy or other online stores cost more than I make when i do sell something. I do very well at Craft shows. When people see my jewelry, they either buy it on the spot or give me a special order. I wish i could get into more shows that are affordable. On Etsy if no one has even looked at an item, i don’t renew it. I keep putting new things on there but it’s distressing that not much sells online. So what I am saying is, I don’t think there is a magic way to get our jewelry sold. I would do more craft shows if i were you. That way people can see it, feel it, try it on, and get to meet you, talk to you, and know who made it. Just my opinion…that’s where I make most of my money.

    • I really appreciate your insights, Kathy…it is helpful to know what others are experiencing too. I do a limited number of shows each year and have pretty good sales. It was hit and miss there until I became much more proactive in asking questions before committing to them…about numbers of people who have attended, and especially how many jewelry designers and what their price points are. Some were almost 1/3 to 1/2 jewelry! Yikes! If it’s a fair I’m not familiar with, I attend it first and put it on the list of possibilities for the next year.

  2. Dianne Edwards Says:

    I’m with you! I have vintage pieces I need to add onto Etsy at my Laissez Faire shop or to a local consigner.
    Good luck! I enjoy your post!!

    • Hello! Thanks for your response, Dianne…Are you getting good results with your Etsy shop? Hope so. I need to get better and more efficient in marketing for sure. Any tips would be appreciated!

  3. There are things I have wanted to buy in the past, but there was no venue that I could see since I am not local to you.

    • Hi, Karin! I also received your email and sent you a response there. I’m pretty sure I’m going to put more effort into reopening on of my shops soon, but I’m also able to work with customers via Paypal.

  4. Sarajo Wentling Says:

    It’s so good to see you back in the blogosphere, Lynda… I always look forward to your posts! I’ve been eyeing some of those components from Lima Beads so it’s good to know you’re happy with the quality (not that I expect anything less from them!) Like you, I don’t tend to gravitate to gold tones too much but I LOVE that necklace. Just lovely.

    Don’t let the store situation get you down… sometimes it’s just not the right fit. You do beautiful work and you’ll find the right venue!

  5. beadlove Says:

    I like the pieces you show here! I’ve started using a little more gold lately as well. I hope you find the right venue for your jewelry!

    • Good morning,Ann! The extra expense of using 14K gold filled wire and findings always put me off a bit, but I really do like the look. It’s got a warmer feeling than silver for sure. And I’m seeing more gold jewelry in boutiques now too. Hmmm…may have to rethink this.

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