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Small distractions… April 5, 2016

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      Last week, my post was about my attempts to get myself in gear and out of idle mode…

      I’ve been able to get some work done this past week, and probably would have finished more, had it not been for the fact that I get easily distracted.  Pinterest is a big distractor for me…especially in the yummy recipe department.  I blame the mouth-watering photos of the food.  Recently I’ve been obsessed with meringues…so easy and they make elegant, light dessert bases for whipped cream and berries, aka Pavlovas.  Or ice cream and hot fudge sauce.




      My next distraction happened yesterday with a quick stop at a gift shop…spied these cool looking wine glasses that had been decorated with glass pebbles and wire wrapping.  Of course, I rushed home and dug around in my cupboard for an old wine glass. Then, through my craft bins to find those glass pebbles I knew were somewhere in there.  Eureka!

     I did have to figure out how to glue those pebbles onto the glass first. E6000 seemed to be my best shot at it…but of course, they kept sliding down the glass. I finally decided to hold them in place with pieces of blue painter’s tape for a few hours til they were dry.  Then, added the swirly wire wrapping with 18 gauge non-tarnish silver artisan wire.  Bingo!


beaded wineglass


    Kind of hard to photograph, but I think the solid background is better.  Think my next attempt will be to fancy up a plain glass flower vase. Sweet.


beaded wine glass 2


     Lastly, another pair of 14K gold filled ear threads with gorgeous pearls.


gold and pearl threads


                           And I just may keep these too!







10 Responses to “Small distractions…”

  1. Kathy Zee Says:

    As always, I love the jewelry and now the glasses that you have made. Can you see the glue from the inside of the glass? Lucite makes a glass glue that bonds glass to glass and is transparent. It is sold on Amazon and probably other stores. Love this idea. And the blue color is my favorite. You are so good…….

    • Thanks so much for the lead on glass glue. I’ll definitely check it out! The E6000 is transparent and dishwasher safe, although I will recommend anyone hand wash these.
      I’m going to try a glass vase today and see how that goes. And maybe look for a 16 gauge silver wire. I’ll post something later on my experiments. Thanks for stopping by…I always appreciate your insights!

  2. sweetbeadstudio Says:

    Your wine glasses turned out beautifully! If you’re spending a lot of time on Pinterest (and I sure get caught up there too!), at least you’re trying new projects! I have a folder of recipes I’ve tried and will keep!
    Love those beautiful good dangly earrings!

    • Morning, Cindy! Good to hear from you…I always enjoy your blog posts and see what new directions your going in your jewelry. I’m seeing more and more of the 14k gold filled jewelry in boutiques and shows now, so exploring it a bit. Sterling and copper will always be my first loves!

  3. lovely88 Says:

    They are Gorgeous-you go lady! Beloved, I pray above all things that you may prosper… 3John:2Liz

  4. Ah, I could pop by for one of those Pavlovas 😀 (not likely…)!
    Those threader earrings (remember owning a pair back in the 80’s) — how are you supposed to wear them? Pearl hanging down, or close to the earlobe? Thinking about trying making some myself — but that might involve buying some new sterling chain, to solder a piece of wire to. Feels just a bit scary! Love that pearl — my favorite color!

    • Hi! I also had a couple of pairs of these threaders back in the day…I wear them with the pearls hanging in front. The front part just a big longer than the back chain, but it’s up to the one wearing them for sure. These were a bit pricey from Rio, so I’m going to try making a pair from very narrow chain and 20 g. wire. Please let me know how the soldering goes…pretty sure I’d melt the chain!

  5. clara hopkins Says:

    That is so cute, I use to make soap and it was good selling item some years age. Good luck with your lip balm

    On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 2:27 PM, Fresh Baked Designs wrote:

    > Fresh Baked Designs posted: ” Last week, my post was about my > attempts to get myself in gear and out of idle mode… I’ve been able > to get some work done this past week, and probably would have finished > more, had it not been for the fact that I get easily distracted. Pint” >

    • Hello, Clara! So sweet of you to stop by and comment today. I have had fun experimenting with homemade bath and skin products. Pinterest make it so easy to find recipes to try. I really think the ladies at the retreat will love trying out this lip balm.

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