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And one more small detour… April 7, 2016

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    Today, it is finally raining as long promised by the weather channels…actually expecting  rain through the whole weekend.  And here in Southern California, we can  use every drop.

     A very good day to work on one more project…making up batches of DIY Lip Balms for a show and tell gathering time at our Women’s Retreat that last weekend of this month. Almost 100 women will gather at the historic Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside. Founded in 1798 and known as the King of Missions.  They offer a beautiful, peaceful retreat center…with generous hospitality to all who come.

    On Saturday evening we put together small gatherings with those willing to share their skills and talents, everything from making salsa to making simple earrings to easy, no bake desserts…and more.  Last year I offered a “make and take” DIY Sugar Scrub.   The ladies loved it!  So, this year I decided to look for more body care ideas…I’ve made lotion bars, lip balms, and a lovely milk and oatmeal bath soak.  All recipes found by the boatload on Pinterest.  Only one venture bombed…I mean really bombed!  Just could not get the right formula or technique for those bath fizzy bombs that are popular now.  Tried several recipes and techniques for adding ingredients.  But all except one did what I called a Pre-Bomb…the mixtures just kept slowly exploding and oozing out of the silicone cupcake forms.

Here’s an easy recipe I’ll share for the lip balm:

    3 Tablespoons shaved bee’s wax (Michaels)

    2 Tablespoons shea butter (found mine at a local organic market)

    3 Tablespoons coconut oil ( Target)

   Bits of old lipstick

Notes:  You might also consider getting bee’s wax in the bead form for easier prep. I purchased mine in a large block and used a veggie peeler for make shavings. For another source of shea butter, check the hair care sections that cater to African Americans.  Make sure to purchase 100 percent shea butter and not a shea lotion.  Coconut oil is so popular now, most grocery stores carry it. I actually used one less tablespoon than the 4 T.  in the original recipe, as I didn’t want it to be too oily feeling.  3T. is great.


Lip Balm 1

I purchased 50 clear plastic lip balm pots from Amazon for $10. From PSC Products.

Directions:  In a small glass bowl, melt the bee’s wax in the microwave. I do this in 30 second increments and stir with a plastic or metal spoon.  It took about 3-4 times to melt completely.  Be careful to use potholders, as the bowl will be hot.  Add in the shea butter, coconut oil, and about a one inch piece of lipstick. Stir until melted.  Microwave a bit more if needed.

 Using a small spoon, ladle into the lip balm pots. Let cool. It solidifies pretty quickly. Add the lids.

This recipe makes between 14-16 small pots.


Lip Balm Pots


I made these 50 lip balms using only 3 batches of the recipe.  Actually the last time I added a bit more of each ingredient to fill the last 22 pots( neutral shade on the right).  I really like this recipe…very easy and economical.  Feels great on the lips and love just a hint of color you get.  This would make a great party project for teen girls, too.


   Credit where credit is due!   The link to the recipe site from Happiness is Homemade.

   Next time I’ll photograph mine in a cute white bowl!









2 Responses to “And one more small detour…”

  1. That’s a lovely recipe! Thanks for sharing. And I always admire your jewelry creations, beautiful work you do!

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