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Beachcomber… May 8, 2016

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Is there ever a time when something grabs hold of your attention and won’t let go?  I’ll be honest and say that this necklace owes everything to a design by the fabulous Lorelei Eurto. I wonder if it’s too much of a copy. Can’t say.  I can only be honest about what I know about its inspiration with you all.  And honest about how happy it made me to put it together. I hope you’ll visit her blog and see why I’m so gaga over it.

Her recent blog post showcased some new beads by Halcraft (available at Michaels) that just smacked me between the eyes…looked like bleached wood ‘potato chips’. I could barely finish breakfast, before running to my nearest Michaels and buying the one strand they had left. They have three more on order and I’ll be calling on Wednesday to see if they have arrived. Promise I’ll leave some for you all.

So here it is…after that confession and all…


Beachcomber 4


Besides those cool bleached wood chips, there some shiny agates…just like the ones you’d pick up on the beach and put in your pocket… and a gorgeous lamp work bead by Ikuyo Yamanaka. You can see more of her impressive work here.

This one seemed perfect as it looks like a tiny little tide pool for my beachcomber necklace.


Beachcomber 3



Beachcomber 2




4 Responses to “Beachcomber…”

  1. I wouldn’t say it’s that much of a copy! Stacking them is the best you can do, I guess, and then that’s the look! 🙂 Gorgeous chips! (And the beads you chose to go with them!)
    So that’s what you do before breakfast… surf the net 😉

    • Thanks, Monica…I guess sometimes I’m a bit sensitive about the line between inspiration and copying. Surely wanted to point people to Lorelei’s original design. It’s a good thing that bead stores aren’t open 24/7…or I’d be tempted to make a run at 2 AM when inspiration strikes!

  2. CraftyHope Says:

    I saw hers earlier and while I definitely see where you got your inspiration, I wouldn’t call it a copy. I do love those wood chip beads. . the way both of you used them especially. I can’t figure out if I need them though as I couldn’t imagine a way to use them other than how the two of you have. But, maybe once I see them I’ll be inspired too! Beautiful necklace. I love your subtle shades and neutrals.

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