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Lava and Shards… May 23, 2016

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Out of the earth.

Molten lava and crystal shards.

What could be more elementary.


   The first necklace uses some base metal and silver plated findings. Nothing fancy.  Except for the two beautiful crystal shards.  Yes, probably treated with  some radiation to make them iridescent. Still beautiful. Simply wired. Simply long.


Shard necklace 1


shard necklace 3


shard necklace 4


     Next up is something I’ve admired for a while.  Molten solder stamping. Some poetically refer to it as molten lava jewelry.  And when you are in the middle of it, it is like playing with lava.  Using a soldering iron instead of a torch, silver lead free solder wire is melted onto copper metal discs.  Again the iron is used to heat the solder into a liquid puddle. Then quick as you can, press a red rubber design stamp into the molten mass.  Leave a minute or so to cool and the stamp will easily release.


molten lava 2


     New goal for the next round…less solder.  Really want a bit more of the copper to peek through the solder.

     I’ll keep you posted on my experiments.  I have ideas.


****Adding a couple of links that might be helpful…

Sarah Johnson from Hardrocks video

Ashley Hackshaw tutorial

Stephanie Lee tutorial

And for inspiration…a Pinterest board of ideas






6 Responses to “Lava and Shards…”

  1. Mary Says:

    I love how you try so many different techniques and you are so successful at everything you try! You inspire me! I’m retiring next month and you are my inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Linda Murphy Says:

    I also have been wanting to try the solder on the copper.Do you have to do anything to prepare the copper. Your things look great. Keep us posted.

    • I will, Linda. I have several things I want to try using this technique. And yes, The copper needs to be clean to hold onto the solder, just like soldering with a torch. I gave both sides a good scrub with 0000 steel wool and used flux. I found a couple of helpful tutorials…I’ll post the links soon.

  3. Kelly White Says:

    Your work is just lovely! I purchased the silver solder several months ago to try out similar – thank you for sharing your experience with this technique! I agree with the others – you are so successful with the different techniques you try. You’re an inspiration!!! Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to seeing the links to the tutorials you found helpful. Blessings to you!!!

    • Thank you, Kelly! One of the best feelings in posting my adventures in jewelry making is learning that it is encouraging to others. I did amend this post to add three links that may be helpful when you are ready to try this technique. Particularly the first video. Let me know how it goes!

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