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Next! May 28, 2016

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   Just a few shots of my next projects in learning about tinning or working with a soldering iron.  Learning something new with every piece.

   Copper hand cut and finished cross, broken piece of porcelain, glass slides, and glass pebbles.


molten cross 4


molten cross 3


tinned china


Tinned china 2


Tinned glass


Tinned glass cabs


   I made a purchase today too…a pair of tile nippers.  There are a couple of chipped china plates in my cupboard I have plans for.




5 Responses to “Next!”

  1. Lauretta Says:

    The porcelain necklace and cross are just so beautiful! Very inspired to do something similar!

    • Hello, Lauretta! Thanks for stopping by…That’s one of my biggest goals with this blog. To encourage others to try out something new…stretch your skills. One of the easiest and least expensive materials is a bag of those colored glass pebbles at the dollar store and practice on them. They make cute pendants too!

  2. Carol Williams Says:

    The solder you use with the soldering iron, does it have lead in it?

    • Hi, Carol, I absolutely did not…use a lead free solder. I use one that says silver lead free solder that I purchased at a stained glass craft supply store. It was recommended as suitable for jewelry. Then, I bought another spool at a home supply store…again silver lead free. It definitely looks a brighter silver color than the ones next to it that were for plumbing jobs. There was also a package that had both the solder wire and a small container of flux, which you also need. They also had several types of Weller soldering irons that would work. Hope you are encouraged to give it a try!

  3. Love the idea of recycling porcelain! Pretty AND useful!

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