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Way Past Due… July 2, 2016

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It’s about time I shared this awesome book with you all!

This started well over a year ago with an email from Sarah at  Barron’s Publishing house for Quarto Books based in London.  She wanted to know if I’d be interested in submitting photos of my jewelry for a new book that Jean Power was working on…and gave some parameters for their needs.  Sure, I replied!  I had to have the pieces in my possession. Now Jean is a world renown teacher and author in the beading world of jewelry making.  Her work is amazing!

While I greatly admire those who do,  I have stated here several times before that that is one area of jewelry that I have no interest or patience for.  So I was curious why my stuff was asked for?  Note: after actually receiving the book…Jean created a wonderful resource for stringers, wire wranglers, and seed beaders.

Anyway, after some back and forth emails and photos, I was asked for some specific pieces to be whisked off to London by courrier for further consideration and professional photos. This was months and months ago. Finally received another email from Sarah that my jewelry was on its way home and that the book was due to be out in the Spring. I could also expect a copy in the mail.  Yeah!  I have to admit that this beautiful book arrive back in May.  I was blown away by the thoroughness of it’s scope for jewelry makers…beginners or the more experienced.  I’ll try to give you a taste with some photos.  All in all, a great experience for me to be a part of this project. Congratulations to Jean Power!


Beading cover

Beading…Learn it. Love it. is an encyclopedia of techniques and projects for all levels, with detailed steps and clear photos.  Four chapters in all, starting with Beads, Findings, and Tool. Then on to chapters on Stringing, Wirework, and Beadwork.  Each of these sections opens with inspiration photos (including my pieces), essential tools and supplies, techniques galore, easy and more advanced projects by guest designers.  The complete package!


beading 9


Beading 8


Beading 6


Beading 3


Beading 1


Beading 4




Beading 7


Available at Amazon!   A fantastic addition to your jewelry making library!




6 Responses to “Way Past Due…”

  1. Nancy Says:

    That is awesome! I think I remember you mentioning it quite awhile ago. Congratulations!

  2. OH, thats big!!! Congratulations!! What an amazing experience! (Wish you’d shown which of your pieces went in… 🙂 )

    • Thank you, Monica! It was a surprise to be asked. There were four photos all together and there is a photo of two in the blog. Two pair of wire wrapped briolette earrings. And a group of wire wrapped rings. Also a necklace and a bracelet were included.

  3. CraftyHope Says:

    Congrats to you. It looks like it definitely covers many of the basics and then so much more! I’m sure your designs will be an inspiration to many, many jewelry-makers!

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