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Where there’s smoke, there’s fire… August 19, 2016

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It’s been a long dry summer here in Southern California.  Actually, it’s been a long, dry five years or more.  That means for many of us residents, from July through October, we experience a long, tense time of wild fires.  There are currently a big nasty one in a neighboring county that has displaced over 80,000 residents and seems to be nowhere near contained yet. Despite the valiant sustained efforts of 1,500 firefighters.

In our married life, we have been evacuated twice due to threats from these fires, in two different homes. Fortunately, we returned to our intact homes. But the experiences have left me with a heightened sense threat when I see plumes of smoke nearby.  Like two days ago…

We left home to go pick up our other car at the dealer and could see large plumes of smoke over the hill.  Black smoke. Not good…that means the fire is consuming.  White smoke is good…the fire is being quenched.  It’s also hard to tell just how close a fire is…it could be a half a mile or 10 miles.  We decided we’d better check it out before we leave home and drove up to the top of a hill for a better view.  Surprised to see big flames about a mile away, burning just behind an area of homes near our local high school.  The fire was burning up a hill filled with brush and eucalyptus trees.  Fire crews were also present. And air tankers dropping huge loads of water from a nearby reservoir. And helicopters dropping red fire retardant on the homes and brush.  We watched in amazement at the courage and stamina of these crews and the accuracy of the water drops.  Fortunately no homes or lives were lost, but it took two days to get everything under control and make sure there were not hot spots to erupt again. These men and women are ready and tons of experience in strategically dealing with these yearly fires. I am very grateful for what they do and pray for their safety through this dangerous season.


Transition…so yesterday, I decided to play along with Earrings Everyday’s monthly challenge with a twist…a literal twist.  This month’s inspirations was summer campfires…those mesmerizing, glowing logs that provide us with an excuse to make s’mores and sings folk songs.  All fun, and most importantly, campfires are controlled fires.


unsplash_tirza van dijk


unsplash_alex holt


My earrings are called Smoke and Fire, using freeform twisting, spiral components that suggests towering smoke from a wild fire…an uncontrolled fire. I like the fact that the copper has a burnt look due to the dip in LOS for oxidation.  And the scorched headpins were made with the fire from a torch.  The beads are small pieces of man-made ‘beach glass’ and Czech glass.  The oxidized ear wires have also been give a special detail…so hard to photograph…I embossed the curve with a tiny design from a brass texture plate.


Smoke and Fire


Smoke and Fire 2




To see what other designers have created to meet this month’s challenge, go here!

                                  Stay safe out there!






20 Responses to “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire…”

  1. Tammy Adams Says:

    Beautiful earrings. I especially love the organic twisty copper wire elements. I hope you remain safe from the forest fires.

  2. Sarajo Wentling Says:

    Love the earrings, Lynda! My husband was looking over my shoulder at your blog, and said “oh cool, that looks like smoke!” and he had no idea at first what you had made them for. 🙂

  3. Patricia Says:

    Beautiful earrings. I love the beads that you used and the wire wrapping is inspiring.

  4. Oksana Says:

    Linda, I love your earrings: the beads and wire work! they are perfect for the challenge!

  5. tesoritrovati4800 Says:

    Oh, Miss Lynda! Having never encountered that myself it never really crossed my mind that this inspiration might instill anxiety. I am so glad that you were able to find a way to participate and to make the prettiest earrings. And of course, I love the copper swirly coils! Thanks for playing with me in the We’re All Ears challenge. Enjoy the day! Erin

  6. Karin Grosset Grange Says:

    Beautiful earrings, the fiery orange and the copper coils are so perfect for this month’s theme.

  7. clara Says:

    Beautiful you have a gift from God and I see it in your heart. Let us keep praying that the fire will soon end

    • Thank you for your very kind words, Clara. We saw reports today that although many have lost their homes in the Blue Cut fire, the crews are getting much more contained, with no reports of lost lives. Praise God!

  8. how frightening! We lived in SF for 12 years and went through fires, floods, earthquakes and large sink holes. California is beautiful, but mother nature is scary up close sometimes. Your design is wonderful – how clever to twist the wire like smoke – LOVE that

    • Thank you, Cynthia! I certainly agree that California is a gorgeous place to live or visit. Sadly it is many manmade developments have encroached on the wild places without much forethought of the risks involved.

  9. Great earrings! I love the backstory, too. Stay safe!

  10. cindibernie Says:

    I loved the simple interpretation of fire and smoke. I wish I could send you some of my Florida moisture.

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