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Just a quick post… August 22, 2016

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Good morning!  I was an early bird this morning.  Up at 4:30 a.m…couldn’t sleep.  I’ve learned not to fight it when this happens and just get up quietly, get the dog, and close the bedroom door very softly to let the Mr. sleep.  It’s 10:30 now and I’ve just eaten second breakfasts, since the first one was almost six hours ago.

Also got a bit of jewelry makings done this morning.

Another bracelet…


dragonfly bracelet


Then, two necklaces with brass chains…


Opalite drop necklace


amethyst shard


I’ll leave you with a new free photo editing app called Prisma for your cell phone.  It’s got so many cool effects…my favorite so far is Mosaic.


Unknown 2


And this one using a photo shot with my cell phone last month in Paris. I absolutely love this work by Charles Cordier at the Musee d’Orsay. Although, it can stand alone in its own beauty,

I couldn’t resist trying the Mosaic effect.


unknown 1



2 Responses to “Just a quick post…”

  1. CraftyHope Says:

    I know the waking early may be bothersome for you, but you did create some beautiful pieces with that ‘extra time’. In fact, I find those necklaces quite inspiring. You totally make me want to break out some of my chain. Thanks for the eye candy. I do hope you’ve gotten some rest! 🙂

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