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Gifts from the Sea… September 10, 2016

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For a few days this summer, we hosted a missionary family of four from Kyrgyzstan…home for the summer and enjoying everything Southern California has to offer a family with preteens.  They took off camping for a few weeks and borrowed some of our gear for their trip.  What a lovely surprise was tucked inside the backpack when the gear was returned! A large baggie of shells and beach goodies.

With some drilling help from the Mr., I put together these two necklaces and a pair of earrings with a few of these gifts from the sea…


With sponge coral coins, jasper tubes, and silver beads…

              (Love the color of those sponge coral beads!)





With mother of pearl, Czech glass, and wood chips…






With sponge coral coins, silver beads,

and mother of pearl…



Mother Nature is the best jewelry supplier, isn’t she?  

Do you have any gifts from Mother Nature you use in your jewelry designs?




2 Responses to “Gifts from the Sea…”

  1. mlsjewel Says:

    Lovely. Please be sure to drill shells under water with a mask on. Shell dust is toxic.

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