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A hot mess… September 28, 2016

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I’m not really fond of this popular saying.  A hot mess.  What does this mean, exactly.  But this is the only title that seems appropriate to share my experience last night casting my first lost wax project.

Have say it was rather exciting to don the full-on face shield, heavy leather mitts that went up to my elbows, and leather apron.  And then fire up an acetylene torch.  Made me feel rather fierce. Like I was preparing for something huge, like entering a mouth of a volcano or a dragon’s lair.

And it was exciting to melt all those shiny sterling silver beads to pure liquid in the crucible and watch the teacher release the centrifical force lever.  As exhilarating as this was to do, it was just as disappointing to wash away the plaster around the pieces to see only one out of the three survive.  Especially the ginkgo leaf pendant I had hand carved.

Here’s the lone survivor…





And here’s the hot mess of tortured sterling silver…or what is left of my other two projects. The good news is that this is still reusable in other casting projects.  It’s in the pickle pot right now.



Sadly I have no photos of my gingko leaf, but here’s a look at the glitter covered plastic buttons I used in this project.

The upper piece is the sterling silver cast of the sand dollar button after it’s been cleaned up and tumbled. I will certainly use it in a necklace design someday.  I do like that fine pebble texture that the glitter gave to this. Totally unexpected!


The intrepid jewelry adventurer in me is not giving up so easily!  After last night’s disappointment, I moved on to another idea…casting this Mexican Sage leaf for a wrap around ring. I coated the back of a leaf with red wax. And then, invested it in a plaster mold.


Next Tuesday…success or another hot mess?

Stay tuned.



4 Responses to “A hot mess…”

  1. Mary B Says:

    This was interesting to see how things like this can happen. Will be looking forward to more of your class. This Mexican sage leaf looks like it would be a cute wrap around ring. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. We learn from our disappointments and forge on:-) Good luck with your next project!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to more of your projects.

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