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Another sad story… October 7, 2016

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I wish I could say there was a happy ending to my first lost wax casting experience.  Sadly, there was another epic fail on Tuesday night.  Teacher Pam had some theories, but couldn’t say for sure what happened.  Most likely the leaf bent over during the investment step and the silver couldn’t get a straight shot into the mold???

Recap…I was trying to cast a Mexican Sage leaf from our garden with the intent to create a wrap around ring…


Here’s what I got…



While it’s no-go, I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the casting’s detailed leaf texture.  Sigh…it would have been such a lovely ring.  I’m pretty sure that’s the rest of the leaf puddled at the bottom of the sprue.

Since I have nothing else to share with you regarding my project, thought I’d share some photos from class.  First up is a picture of my metal-cased investment of plaster.


The investment gets 5-6 hours of kiln time to burn out the wax or natural materials.


While the canister is still hot, it’s locked into the casting wheel.  You can see it turned on it’s side.

See the black knob on the right??  The wheel was turned three times and locked with the knob/latch.  Then, it’s time to melt all the sterling casting grains in the crucible (I’ll steal a glassblowing term and call it the glory hole!)

These are from another student’s casting…




Wish I could have gotten some shots when the knob is released and sends the wheel spinning…using centrifugal force to send the liquid silver shooting into the mold.  Not a good idea to get in way at that moment!

Am I sad?  Yes.  After 8 classes, I have one small sand dollar charm. But I am also amazed that at my age, I am still excited to try new things, even if I fail.  And as always, there were wonderful conversations and sharing with the other classmates.  There were other disappointing castings to be sure, but sharing these experiences together is a joy in itself.


2 Responses to “Another sad story…”

  1. I do not see a sad ending here at all! I find the entire process fascinating! And, Rome was not built in one day! I applaud you for taking classes…I am sure you are having a blast!

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