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Prep Day… November 2, 2016

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I spent the morning cleaning up all the leftover bits and pieces from my making frenzy of the last few weeks.  Getting inventory ready for the big Holiday Market this weekend.  This is one of the few I commit to each year.  There is another one at the end of the month and one in December.  But wouldn’t you know it!  In cleaning up all the spaces (I spilled over into the dining room and kitchen, too)  I spied a couple more earring ideas in the mess that just begged to get made.


An experiment… wrapping up a few left over beads onto bits of ball chain.  The ear wires were made from two purchased ball head pins.  Hammered the balls into dots, then shaped and hammered the pins. Voila!


And then this textured copper pendant pair…All handcrafted…pendants, ear wires, and headpins. Made with gorgeous dark honey Chalcedony.  The stones just glow when they are backlit by the light.

                              Tempted to keep these!



Saved my least favorite job til last.  Pricing.  I hate it.  It’s always difficult to put a value on my work.  And yes, I’ve made peace with the reality that I will never get a fair wage for all the time that is put into these pieces of jewelry.  Then there is state sales tax over 8 percent, state and federal income taxes to pay.  Those of you who sell your wares…Do you agonize as much as I do about this?  I really do want people to enjoy and value what I offer as much as I enjoy making it for them.  That’s the bottom line.  So I’ll take a stab at it and let it go.


I might have shared this idea before, but here it is again.  As a blatant incentive to spend money at my booth, I offer a deal…A free pair of cute little ear hugs with a minimum $30 purchase.  These have been very popular in the past.  Some customers even want to buy extra pairs.  They are made from silver plated ball headpins and inexpensive beads, stones, and glass pearls.  I optimistically made about 30 pairs…



Now back to pricing…I think I’ll make a cup of nice, calming Ginger Lemon tea first.  I feel a stomach ache coming on…





6 Responses to “Prep Day…”

  1. Love ur earring cards, enjoy the wit in ur writing.

  2. Normadelle V Whittle Says:

    Beautiful and unique as always! I’ve been viewing your posts for a couple of years, and I look forward to seeing and reading your very interesting posts and images. Is there a mold to make earwires? Thank you, Normadelle Whittle

  3. I so agree – pricing jewelry is my least favorite thing to do (next to the actual listing on my website, ’cause that is just time consuming)! I no longer low ball my pricing – I just cannot do that anymore! We have 6% sales tax in Virginia, but I have just a handful of VA sales – – – I no longer do shows, as it takes too long for my body to recover! Love the idea of the Ear Hugs positioned at check-out..people do love incentives! Good luck to you!!! I hope you sell everything!

    • Thanks so much for your positive thoughts, Patti! I just came home from setting up for tomorrow and feel really good. My favorite part about doing these events is meeting the people who come…love talking with them and sharing my ideas and process with them. Now for a good night’s sleep!

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