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Monday morning quarterbacking… November 7, 2016

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Anyone out there get this post title?  Pretty funny that it came to my mind as I write this because I don’t follow or watch football.

My thoughts after the Holiday Market this past weekend…First, I am so grateful to be in the company of such incredible, giving women who put on this event for the last eight years.  And the hardworking crew of custodians and men who do the heavy lifting.

Second…so pleased to see old friends, new friends, and total strangers enjoy the warmth and hospitality of this event.  Many  came just to enjoy the holiday spirit, a cup of coffee, and some tasty baked goods.  Our 140 year old congregation is downtown and our neighbors are a rescue mission that houses so many in recovery, several  low income senior apartment buildings, lots of young professionals who walk by us going to and from work every day, and people who claim the sidewalks as their home.  All are welcome.

Third…it’s fun to catch up with fellow vendors and see what they are up too. Some have attended for many years and say how much they look forward to this market in particular because everyone is so helpful and kind. How much they feel appreciated. In our big city, there are probably 5 or 6 markets each weekend this time of year.  Maybe more.  Lots of competition for vendors and customers alike.

Lastly…jewery-wise, a lot of Fresh Baked Designs found new homes. My best event ever with lots of repeat customers. That feels satisfying.

 Here’s a peek at my set up.



These dessert pedestals also sold well.  Not sure if I’ll make anymore however.  They take up so much room to store.



And my space happened to be right in front of that festive market banner…made by Virginia, an eighty plus woman with an amazing artistic talent, who makes all our church event banners. As a mother of six, she was my breast feeding mentor when I was a newbie mom. If there was speed dial available back then, she would have been #1 on my list. In fact her husband, Tom, delivered our first child over 45 years ago.  I am so lucky and humbled to be a part of this household of faith.








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