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More of this… November 23, 2016

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When creating jewelry, I am an easily distracted designer.  I’m attracted to the next new thing I see …whether technique, style, metal finish, shapes, and color combos, etc…

Here are a couple of my newest favorites.

Raw brass.  Why didn’t I know just how gorgeous it is when textured and polished?  Love, love the old gold color.


Left over bits turned into earring pendants with abalone chunks.



My first bangle made with 10 gauge wire.




Loved it so much, I made two more!




Then, I got happily sidetracked by admiring the silver work of Cindy Pack of Art and Soul Jewelry.   She’s a contributor over at Earrings Everyday…one of my favorite blogs for inspiration and encouragement.  They have such a wonderfully varied set of people who share their work over there. Mine are accented with a touch of honey chalcedony (again a new color for me) and turquoise.



So my goal is to focus my attention on more brass metal in my work and more of this textured, oxidized silver. And more soldering and hammering. Sweet!

At least for the next week.


What’s caught your attention lately??


6 Responses to “More of this…”

  1. Jo-Anne Morrison Says:

    I too have been working with a lot of Brass. I finally found a medium that makes my work POP much sooner than silver.
    But I have had to switch to Gold plated brass as Brass tarnishes so so bad. I was getting tired of constantly cleaning it! I am now starting to use gold plated Brass. .

    • Hi, Jo-Anne! I’ll have to check about that tarnishing problem…so far, I’ve had good luck by finishing pieces with a few light coats of Permalac. I also use this to preserve the patina on the etched copper work I love to do. Good to know you’ve found a product that works for you!

  2. Hi Lynda! I hear you about that distraction thing! (If I have the time to do anything creative, that is…) But that’s what keeps one going!
    About brass, I’ve found that a good layer of patina seems to “freeze” the look, and stop it from changing very much after that. I’ve got one of the maple leaves I made a couple years ago, and I really don’t have to polish it at all, I think it looks nearly the same still. I probably put on a layer of conservation wax as well. And brass isn’t quite as bad as copper either.
    A bit weird, I have a 1 mm, 25×50 cm sheet of brass waiting at the post office, as I noticed my stock was running low…!

  3. Linda Murphy Says:

    I like your creations. It looks like you soldered the brass bangles. I would like to make some stamped bangles. What did you use for solder. I have never soldered brass. What kind of torch do you use? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi, Linda…glad you asked! These bangles were the first ones I’ve done in brass. They did take a bit more power than a small kitchen torch. I use a culinary torch from Sterno that attaches directly onto a canister of butane. Works well for metals like copper and brass that need more heat. The solder was easy silver solder. After filing and finishing you can hardly see the line of silver. The shock was what happened when I pickled the bangle after soldering. It copper plated the whole thing!! My teacher said that happens because the pickle brings the copper on brass to the surface. You can either polish it all off or do what I did…make a super pickle solution and soak the piece to remove the copper coating. Read more about it on line…google super pickle for jewelry and check it out. Let me know how it goes with you.

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