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Wired… November 30, 2016

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This Adult School session has focused on wire work.  Something I love.  And while I have added wire wrapped beads as accents in pieces, I’ve never taken it to this extreme…




Before Thanksgiving, we worked on a few bead wrapping techniques…caged beads, croissant beads, and the coiled spiral beads.  To finish this bracelet, I decided to add three simply wrapped clear glass beads to the three wire beads.  I choose the clear color because I thought they would show off the wire to its best advantage.  But using brightly colored beads would also be awesome in a bracelet or necklace.  I keep a stash of inexpensive glass beads from India purchased at Michael’s to play with in designs.  Also known as ‘the tub-o-beads’.  There are a few duds in the mix…chipped or cracked or half formed or the occasional two that got fused together…but still plenty to have fun with.  This bracelet used 16, 18, and 20 gauge copper wire.  Adding the sturdy jump rings between the bead links gives it great movement and flexibility. Love.


After a dip in the hot tub of LOS and an hour in the tumbler, I am pleased with the patina on the darkened copper.










Ooh, I just saw that WordPress turned on the snowfall effect!   I’m so happy!

All wrapped up,





2 Responses to “Wired…”

  1. Mary B Says:

    This turned out great!!! I really like what you did. But then you are very gifted when it comes to wire wrapping!

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