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Simplicity… December 14, 2016

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So I recently had the great, good fortune to visit a Gem and Mineral Show put on by a local club…not one of those big extravaganzas that travels around the country every year…really local. Put on at the Lakeside Rodeo event space.  A friend, Neda, and I went to check it out to look for stones suitable for wire wrapping and bezel setting for class.  Have to say it was a fun experience.  But a bit disappointing for what we were looking for.  Folks had mostly rock and mineral specimens, fossils, and slabs for sale. Had some interesting conversations with the vendors about identifying their finds and where they came from.

I did pick up a few things, but this one rough, translucent amethyst really caught my eye. Because of its organic shape, I decided to prong set it…in a very simple form of 18 gauge sterling silver round wire.



Here’s a peek at the back. You’ll see that the setting is made from three wires.  The long piece straight down the middle and two C shaped pieces on each side. I used two pieces of solder to hold it together.  The bail is formed by simply bending the long top wire over to the back of the setting and soldering it closed.  The ends of the prongs were trimmed and the ends of each rounded with a cup bur.  I love the setting’s modern simplicity and form, contrasting with the natural uneven form of the stone.




I’ll meet you back here in 2017…Wow, 2017!  

Wishing you all a peace-filled New Year!



6 Responses to “Simplicity…”

  1. Marilyn Hammer Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing how you set this stone. I can’t wait to try this method, as I try to make as many of my components as I possibly can and you have just expanded this for me!
    I wish you peace and joy always.

    • Love hearing this from readers, Marilyn! So nice to hear that this is an encouragement to try new things…stay in touch and let me know how the prong setting is going. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday!

  2. Laureen A Says:

    Very lovely, Lynda. Happy holidays and a blessed New Year.

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