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Tiny Treasures January 2, 2017

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Happy New Year, everyone!

Thought I’d start the New Year off with a short post about some new earrings…what a wonderful way to energize myself by playing with beads and wire.  And a new style for me.

After retirement, my hair style kept getting shorter and shorter until it’s slightly longer than a buzz cut.  Just kidding, but not much…   I thoroughly enjoy making and wearing longer, swingier earrings with my shorty do.  Rarely wear studs, almost never.  That is until these sweet Herkimer diamond studs crossed my path.  I purchased them last fall and l-o-v-e wearing them.  Just a hint of sparkle, yet still rustic.


These little gems have peeked my interest in trying to make small studs.  

After trying a few with 20 gauge wire, I settled on 22 gauge…much easier to wrap and still perfect for the smaller beads and earring posts.  I can wrap up the stones right from the spool and don’t have any waste! Right now I’m using gold  and silver plated anti-tarnish craft wire.  May switch to sterling and gold-filled soon. 

Here’s three pair to share with you…this project is perfect with those left over beads and stones.


            These first two use faceted Czech glass beads.



This last pair is my favorite so far!  

Faceted amethyst glass drops.


And how about a little giveaway to start the New Year off!

Just post a comment and let me know which of these pair of Tiny Treasures you’d like if you win.  

Turquoise, Red, or Purple ?

Be sure to include your contact email in your post.

Giveaway closes on this Friday, the 6th at midnight.

Best wishes for a creative year!



48 Responses to “Tiny Treasures”

  1. Tina Says:

    They are all so pretty…but I would choose the red ones.

  2. I love them all! But if i had to choose just one pair, it would be the turquoise. They are just so pretty.

  3. marlene Says:

    Turquoise. Thanks

  4. Angela Mullis Says:

    Love love love all of these earrings. The purple pair are probably my favorite! Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

    Angela Mullis

  5. Cheryl Says:

    My daughter and I agree that the purple drops are our favorites.

  6. Mary Says:

    I love all three of them! But if I have to pick one it would be the turquoise. Thank you for the giveaway! Mary

  7. I like the red ones. I’m assuming your beads are drilled. Never seen drilled herkimers..were yours drilled? I wire wrap mine, only way could figure how to keep wire on. Would love to make studs from herkimers.

  8. Candy Watts Says:

    Lynda, they are all so pretty! I’m leaning toward the amethyst pair. Thank you and Happy New Year to you!

  9. Joann xiraolo Says:

    Would love to see a short explanation on how you made them. Maybe a rear view? Very nice! Thank you

  10. Lisa Phipps Says:

    Love the purple earrings Lynda!

  11. Beth Kurcab Says:

    They are all beautiful but I love purple and amethyst!

  12. I love reading your blog, and adore the purple studs.

  13. Patricia K Estes Says:

    I love them all but, the red are me!

  14. Betty Dunn Says:

    I love all three, but I think the red and turquoise are my favorites! Hard to choose….maybe the red ones???

  15. Liz Edgar Says:

    Hi Lynda. These are really fun. Purple for sure, my birth stone. Happy New Year!

  16. Sandy parrott Says:

    I love the amethyst glass drops.
    All your work is so beautiful I wish you would teach classes.

  17. I love them all, but I would choose the amethyst. They all look great!

  18. clara Says:

    I like all 3, I have small earlobes so I wear a lot if studied earrings

  19. C Ferguson aka Annie Says:

    These are all so beautiful. I would have to choose the red though. A tutorial would be fantastic! Happy New Year!

  20. Hello Lynda,
    Really enjoyed seeing all your new creations and love the studs. You’ll given me a boost and inspiration to get busy making jewelry again.
    Now my choice for the earrings if I should win would have to be turquoise.
    Also, thanks for sharing your jewelry cards for your earrings. Brilliant idea!
    Helen Culwell

    • Hello, Helen!
      It makes my day when someone says that this blog provides encouragement or inspiration to create their own jewelry! Thanks so much.
      Sadly, the earring giveaway closed on January 6th…but please keep coming back and checking, because I do others throughout the year.


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