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Finally…a tutorial for you March 4, 2017

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Yes, it’s a long time coming.  I promised you a tutorial or two for the sweet little post earrings I’ve been making.  So sorry for the delay…

I admit I am less than an amateur in making tutorials.  I think I’ve made two, maybe three.    So when I found this one already on line, I jumped out of my seat.  Thrilled that someone had beaten me to it.  It’s a good start for you if you want to add these to your jewelry making tool kit.  This one can be made into simple spirals or made into a stud earring component to attach other small beads and dangles.

God bless Craftsy!  And God bless Bobbi Maw! This tutorial saved me hours and hours of my own poor efforts. I do have a couple of variations to share with you however…

First, as I mentioned, you could certainly stop the spiral whenever you wish…more swirls, bigger spiral earring?  Great!  Just cut the wire and file or sand the end smooth.  No need to add the loop at the bottom.  Like these…



Second, after the ninety degree bend, you could add a small bead, then start your spiral.  A neat or messy spiral.  Your choice.  I like mine with a tighter wrap about three times around the bead, overlapping the wires a bit.   Like these…





Or,  go ahead and add the wire loop connector at the bottom, and add a pretty bead dangle. Here I chose a Czech glass leaf as a nod to the coming Spring…  Shown on one of my new earring cards.  Did I tell you that these cards are the same front and back?  So pretty for displaying earrings, don’t you think?





One of the best tips in this tutorial is about how to trim the wire posts on each earring to the exact same length by butting them up to the end edge of a ruler.  So cool.


Got some ideas??   Good!

Spiral away!






2 Responses to “Finally…a tutorial for you”

  1. blossomhills01 Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

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