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Hello, Friends… August 5, 2017

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I feel the need to probably reintroduce myself, since it’s been months and months since I’ve posted on this blog…I’m Lynda, traveler on a jewelry journey.  I post things to mark my journey and to share with those who are interested.

Lots of reasons for the silence here, but the main one is that I just haven’t had much new to post about.  And I don’t want to bore anyone, least of all, myself.

So, what’s new on this jewelry journey?   Teaching!  While I have had years and years of teaching experience…in preschool, parent education, and elementary education, I have only taught a handful of jewelry workshops and groups, mostly at women’s retreats and our local library.  Today, I taught my first class at a bead supply shop, The Bouncing Bead.  Six delightful students.  And a paycheck.  I think I just went from volunteer/amateur to professional. I got to combine my passion for creating jewelry with my experience as a teacher.  It is always a learning experience to logically break down a project you can do in your sleep, into sequenced steps, to teach to a newbie. Their questions helped me refine my thinking, should I teach this class again.

Students were taught tips and strategies for creating that perfect, lollipop wire loop.  And the process for creating the seed bead ladder necklace.

seed bead ladder 3

I may have skimped a bit on my length of time for the class.  It was two hours, probably more like 2 1/2 to 3 to completely finish the project.  But the students were very kind to me and all said they could finish up the necklace at home.  My goal was that they should have enough knowledge and confidence to go home a recreate this necklace.

And have some fun!

As part of the class, I shared many, but not all, the variations of this design process…including these earrings.

ladder earrings


And I had fun…Also starting thinking about another class for the shop.

Ten Minute Earrings.  Teach four different styles of quick and easy earrings. Posts, hoops, hammered pendant, etc…

Possibly teach how to create handcrafted earwires to go with them.  Thinking, thinking…




4 Responses to “Hello, Friends…”

  1. cindibernie Says:

    I have followed your blog for a few years and COMPLETELY understand your shift. I have also transitioned from show to markets to a shop and now just opened a studio where the emphasis is on teaching what I love to do. There is something very satisfying in seeing your ideas come to life in someone else’s hands. Congrats and keep it going!

  2. Welcome back! And, how exciting to teach a class. That’s something I’ve not done either. I can imagine how exciting it must be, and it sounds like you’ve got ideas-a-plenty for more. Wishing you all the best!!

    • Thank you, Hope! It’s good to be back with something to share. I’m starting back in jewelry classes soon, so I hope to have more to post about another attempt at lost wax casting…gaaah!

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