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Pleasantly surprised! September 20, 2017

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So a brand new Tuesday Morning store opened up in my neighborhood recently. If you aren’t familiar with this franchise, it’s a bit like a Ross or Marshall’s but more focused on home, bedding, and kitchen goods…but with some occasional great deals on jewelry makings, like beads, findings, chain, tools, etc…

On my second visit, I was checking out the craft section for any little fun finds when I spied a rack of embossing folders used for paper crafts.  99 cents each! Now, I have neither an embossing machine nor do paper crafting, but I wondered if these could work with copper sheet metal and a rolling mill??  I bought two at that price to take to class last night and try them out.  Bees and Flower designs.

They worked beautifully!  Nice deep two sided impressions.  In fact, for the one I probably used too much pressure and the plastic embossing folder curled a bit.  I’m pretty sure it can be used again…the raised designs were also not smashed or flattened any in the rolling mill.  A very good sign that these can be used multiple times.

You can see that the one on the left is curled. I’m wondering if I can ‘uncurl’ it by running it through the rolling mill again upside down (reverse side first)?  We’ll see.

Any of you have success or something to share about your experiences with these embossing folders in non-traditional ways??  Love to hear from you!



embossing copper



embossing folders


After embossing the metal, I die cut large rounds from the flowered sheet. Filed/smoothed the edges, drilled holes, oxidized in LOS, scrubbed with wet/dry sandpaper, domed, polished, and sealed.  Ready to use in earrings!

You can see the three pairs from the embossed copper.  Also one with small rectangles that I heat patinated with a torch.  Such lovely deep impressions!  They would probably be awesome with some alcohol inks or patina paints.  Hmmm…


embossed copper

These will be offered for sale in October at a church mission fair.  All sales donated to the mission fund.  Also for sale…eight of my favorite bracelets with leather, metal buttons, and Krobo recycled glass beads I bring home from Ghana.  Bracelet love.


Ghana bead bracelets





15 Responses to “Pleasantly surprised!”

  1. Linda Murphy Says:

    I mission bracelets are great. I would buy some. Are you selling them online or only at the fair. We have a Tue Morning Store and I never go there. I will have to start going. What gauge copper sheet did you use.

    • Thank you, Linda! Yes, these will be only on sale for this Mission Fund event. If you do go to Tuesday Morning and find something cool for jewelry making, let me know! BTW, I think the sheet metal is 24 or 26 gauge…not very thick, but perfect for this technique. I also use it for more traditional etching. Purchased at Industrial Metal Supply in San Diego. You can cut off a piece as large as you want and the cost is by weight. Check out a metal supply store in your area?

  2. Kathee Says:

    Great out of the box thinking. Awesome.

  3. Lexi Austin Says:

    So clever and beautiful. I was just at Tuesday morning this afternoon and that’s what spiked my interest. Little things like this are really what make up the happy moments in life. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful creations. Good luck in October!

  4. Deborah Kelly Says:

    Love the finished earrings…fabulous looking! What gauge copper sheet did you use?

    • HI, Deborah…I buy it from a metal supply store. It’s on a large roll and you just cut off what you want and pay be weight. Cheap! I think it’s 24 or 26 gauge, pretty thin and perfect for this technique. I can easily cut it with regular scissors. Maybe there’s one in your area?

  5. Sarajo Wentling Says:

    Fun stuff! I love that honey comb pattern and your finished jewelry is lovely.

  6. FYI…I was just a Joann’s yesterday and they had the Darice embossing folders for half price. Another jewelry maker said that these work great for embossing leather as well. Gotta try that too!

  7. Such an incredibility talented person. I love your jewelry. If you would share, where do you find such great buttons for the bracelets? I have so many African beads and would love to make up bracelets with the fabulous buttons used in your display.

    • Hello, Lightfeather…so pretty, may I call you that? I’m happy to share because it’s so simple. Either Michaels or Joanne’s sewing departments. And I use their discount coupons because buttons have gotten more expensive than I remember. If you aren’t near one of these stores, try their on line stores. Or your nearest fabric stores.
      Please share a photo of your African bead bracelets when they get made…I’d love to see them.

  8. Such a great idea. I have an embossing machine but no rolling mill. I’m not sure this technique would work with a regular machine, but I do love the results! Thanks for the tip. I do love me some Tuesday Morning, though I find that the jewelry supplies tend to be lacking. However, if you’re into paper crafting, there are great deals to be had.

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