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A big leap…into leather! September 24, 2017

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In the last post, I was super excited to find out (a bit belatedly) that you can indeed use paper embossing folders on copper sheet metal.  And get great impressions.  People are doing all kinds of non-scrapbooking things with those things.  Polymer clay, metal, and leather.

Which brings me to today.  I really, really wanted to try out leather to use in bracelets and components.  And while Lima Beads and others have great leather selections, I was more interested in getting my hands on leather scraps to play around with first.

Google is my friend.  “Scrap leather nearby”

Who knew that a terrific leather supply store was just about three miles from my house!  Located in a small industrial building area, it’s been there about 15 years, after moving from downtown.  Mr. Ray not only repairs leather goods and sells everything a leather related, he has an awesomely large collection of Breyer horses for sale.  And big bins of scrap leather in all sizes, thickness, and colors.  Way cool!  Mr. Ray is turning 80 and is full of stories about the leather industry and so helpful with my questions. While I was there, a young man came in holding two pieces of black leather and wanted to know if he could sew them together.  Mr. Ray told him, “Of course”.  Then, took him back to his workshop table and spent time giving him sewing lessons, so that he would be comfortable doing this when he got home.  Lovely man.

This is what I picked out to start my leather adventures…It was $10 per pound, so this cost me about $3.50.  I also bought 15 yards of leather and suede lace for about 50 cents a yard.

Isn’t that fuchsia color gorgeous?

leather scraps


I’m planning on taking this pile of goodies to class Tuesday night and experimenting with the embossing plates and the rolling mill.  But in the meantime, I just couldn’t stand not trying out some feather earrings and stamping.  I have a bit to learn about the force needed for a good impression, but I’m pleased with this first try.


leather feathers-2


Hoping I’ll have more to share in a week or two.  I learned you can use alcohol inks, paints, dyes, stains and other cool ways to embellish leather.  I also found a pattern for making luggage tags.  These would be fun to personalize for Christmas gifts, wouldn’t they?





8 Responses to “A big leap…into leather!”

  1. Sandra Parrott Says:

    You do such fun stuff 💥💥💥

    Sandy ❤️


  2. Linda, it is always interesting to see what you are working on. In your last post I was absolutely in love with one of the earrings that you made. You are so creative. I can see some leather stamped with small beads on each side. I love beads on everything…keep up the good work and can’t wait to see what you do next with this leather…

  3. Melinda Hanson Says:

    That’s so cool, Lynda. I love that fuschia color. I can see it as earrings with beads…😘

  4. So cool! I’m going to have to do a similar google search now. Ha. Can’t wait to see the results of your experimentation.

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