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More Leather Lessons… October 11, 2017

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Hello!  I’m having more fun learning how to work with leather and really appreciate the comments and suggestions from those of you have more experience than I do…please keep them coming!


First, I’m becoming more sensitive to the workings of how much pressure to use in the rolling mill to get a nice deep impression on these leather straps.  Not too light and not so hard that I destroy the plastic embossing plates.  Also, I experimented with a piece of file folder with the plates to see if I could continue a pattern along a strip of leather without getting empty spaces or a demarcation line from the plate’s edge.  Hmmm…still working on consistency in this.  Suggestions?  I was wondering if the small pasta machine that I use with the poly clay work would also do the trick.  Then, I wouldn’t need to wait to use the rolling mill in my metal’s class on Tuesday nights.  I’ll let you know how that goes…


leather 4


Next…a nice finish to the leather is achieved by application (sometimes, multiple applications) of my old friend, Renaissance Wax.  The wax was applied to the edges as well. After drying and buffing with an old terry cloth rag, it not only provides protection, but a nice soft sheen. The edges also had a more finished look that I liked.  Also noticed that an extra application in spots can even out some color variations.  The application will darken the leather a bit.  These pre-made straps come as unfinished tooling leather…pretty light in color.  My new best friend, Mr. Ray, told me to just leaving them out in the sun to naturally darken them.  It did this for a few days, then the Ren Wax did the rest of the work to give the leather color I wanted.

Last lesson for today…I tried rounding the ends of some bracelet straps.  A work in progress…after trimming the corners with scissors, I tried using a rasp file and smoothing out the edges.  This seemed to work okay.  I then, rubbed some of the wax on the edges to finish them off and color-blend with the rest of the bracelet .

Trying out some button closures, too.  Always adding a few drops of hypo-cement to any knots for extra security.  This brass button was fancied up with some metal paint patina.  Cute!


leather 2


leather 3


Leather 1



4 Responses to “More Leather Lessons…”

  1. Mary B Says:

    I love your enthusiasm with all of your posts!!! Looks like you are getting the hang of working with leather. From what I see, you are doing a fabulous job. Keep up the good work!

  2. Beautiful results! Thanks for all the tips 🙂

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