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Painting leather… October 26, 2017

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More experiments with leather yesterday.  I’m having too much fun when I should really be giving full attention to inventory for some holiday markets.  Hoping these add some new interest for those returning shoppers.

This first one was dabbed with acrylic paints in lilac, turquoise, and old gold. Then stamped all over with StazOn ink.


painted cuff


painted cuff 2


And this, embellished with a gorgeous Vintaj Dragonfly and a carnelian nugget.

dragonfly cuff


This bracelet was embossed, then painted with a mix of acrylic paint and antiquing medium.  Rubbed with a paper towel when almost dry.

With more Vintaj beauties.

green cuff


This last one, is a piece of one of my husband’s old leather belts.  And you guessed it!

Another Vintaj pretty.

old belt leather


              Two more cuffs made from pieces of the old belt…giving it a new life!


flower cuff


hoplite cuff


Thinking I need to hit the thrift stores for some more leather belts!


6 Responses to “Painting leather…”

  1. debra freeland Says:

    Love your new entrance into leather. Will be great for Holiday Bazaars.

  2. lesnours Says:

    I like it a lot, especially from the green bracelet.

  3. Sarajo Wentling Says:

    These are so cool! When you cut your husband’s belt, did you need to do anything special? I’m intrigued!

    • Hi, Sara! No nothing special…just a pair of good scissors. I did use a rasp file to smooth out the curve on the ends. Then, an Xacto knife with a new blade to cut the slits for the leather thong closure. Fun and easy! Neatsfoot Oil is a great product to use on leather. Darkens, conditions, and preserves leather. I also used some Renaissance wax as an alternative to the oil. Liked this too.

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