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That’s a wrap! November 20, 2017

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So, my few holiday markets are going well.  Two more to go, both the second weekend in December…one all day Friday and one Saturday afternoon.

I did find out that people love buying the leather bracelets, so I’ve ordered more materials to make some more for these events.  One group is has been sunbathing outside during the daylight hours to deepen their color before I run them through the rolling mill to emboss them.  Good thing we’re still sunny in Southern California this week!

Don’t think I’ve ever shared my packaging for jewelry…probably because it’s nothing super special. As I’ve been making up a new batch for these last two markets, I’ll let you know what I do…Simple, simple.  But I like them.

I purchase 4 1/2 x 6 3/4 inch glassine bags on Amazon.  One hundred in a pack. They are used in bakeries for those small cookie purchases.

Using StazOn ink and some large stamps, I add a pretty design to one side of the bag. Done!  As I said, Simple.  I do put my earrings or a delicate sterling silver necklace into a small clear ziplock bag first.

This size is large enough for earrings, bracelets, and most of my necklaces.  And in my humble opinion, these will do for a gift bag in a pinch. I can also slip in a sale receipt and business card.

The permanent ink and stamps are from Michaels…these can be pricey, so alway use a coupon or purchase when there is a 40% sale.  These stamps are used and abused!  I use them with polymer clay designs, stamping packaging and signage, and stamping copper for etching metal.  Besides the ink colors shown, I also have black, red, and blue.

Love this product.


DSCN6039 2



These are the bags…did I say Simple?  Yup, I did!



One Response to “That’s a wrap!”

  1. jewelsofsayuri Says:

    Interesting yet simple to do packaging. Stamping on paper bags sure looks like an effective idea to packaging items at exhibitions or use them inside boxes when you are mailing out expensive pieces

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