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Corona pastimes… April 19, 2020

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Hoping and praying you are all well and staying cozy at home.  This is one crazy time.

I haven’t made much in awhile, but do have two things to share with you that were made  during this time at home.  The first one was out of desperation, I think. I had just resorted to cutting my own hair.  Let me rephrase that…Trying to cut my own hair.  I’m going to owe my hair stylist extra to repair the mess when we can all safely go outside again.  I found myself in big need of some joy…a simple moment of joy.  Making jewelry does that for me.  This necklace came from that day.  I wear it almost everyday now as a reminder that joy is a daily choice.  Not matter your place, who you are with, what you are facing.  I am not naive to the real pain and suffering in the world. It is heartbreaking.  This necklace is a touchstone to remind me to look for the joy and blessings in the midst of it all.  Simple stamped brass tag with a beautiful labradorite on a ball chain.






This second piece is over the top for me…a riot of color.  And a result of a couple of nights binge watching TV.  Looking for something to occupy my hands.


corona chain


 I ‘rediscovered’ a Tub o’Beads in the back of my closet.  The $10 inexpensive tub of glass beads from Indonesia. And a spool of 20 gauge oxidized copper wire.  So soothing running my fingers through the beads and pick out the next perfect one to add to the chain.  The hardest part was the decision to end the chain…at 42 inches.  Adding a toggle clasp allowed me to wear it as one very long single chain or double it.  I then decided to make two different focal dangles on lobster claws that would make this necklace even more convertible.  Wear one or both dangles. It was a fun project and a great calming activity in the midst of this upheaval of life.  


corona chain 2


How are you coping?  What activities are keeping you calm or finding moments of joy?  Are you finding any creative inspiration during this pandemic crisis?  I hope so.

But if not, we can all give ourselves grace to just be still.  






16 Responses to “Corona pastimes…”

  1. Leigh Gruber Says:

    Hi Lynda, I’ve enjoyed your blog for a couple years. I would like to share this with my Annapolis Senior Center Jewelry Club on our small Facebook group page. Any objections? It’s a lovely, versatile necklace and most of the ladies will have left over beads. Thank You,
    Leigh Gruber

  2. I love this idea to just sit with a container of mixed orphan beads and randomly pick up one to use, all the while binge watching my favorite TV series. My favorite thing is to use cut wire pieces and the loop maker tool, I never was any good at making a wrapped wire. Think I’ll call it Blue Bloods when I’m finished.

  3. Robbie Says:

    Love, love both pieces. It’s funny because the colorful bead necklace looks very expensive to me. It must be the time and care shining through. I’ve taken a turn towards rings and am completely enjoying myself. I just love going from a sheet of metal all the way through the process and seeing it to the end and actually having a complete project. So much different than when I used to work in an office and was just doing parts of a larger project. So much better to see it from A to Z. Maybe you should get the beads back out and do a bracelet and earrings. A little more serenity.

  4. VN Says:

    Good morning Lynda, Greetings from Visalia, CA. I’m a “beadaholic” who also makes jewelry. Used to paint, but arthritis slowed me down. I have enjoyed seeing your creations for years. Love the multi strand necklace with the dangles! You are very creative. Would love to hear from you. Take care, stay safe, Veronika

    On Sun, Apr 19, 2020, 1:23 PM Fresh Baked Designs wrote:

    > Fresh Baked Designs posted: “Hoping and praying you are all well and > staying cozy at home. This is one crazy time. I haven’t made much in > awhile, but do have two things to share with you that were made during > this time at home. The first one was out of desperation, I think. I had ” >

    • Hello, Veronika!! So nice of you to comment and I am happy to hear you’ve found beading to be your creative outlet. So many techniques and materials to explore! The jewelry making community is so generous with inspiration and help. I have found so many great tutorials on YouTube and people’s blog sites. Stay healthy and cozy!

  5. jewelsofsayuri Says:

    The mixed bead necklace is delightful. I too find looping soothing to the hands esp when watching something on screen.

    • Good morning! Thanks for stopping by. I agree. And besides the calming effect, keeping my hands busy had the added bonus of keeping me from putting too many snacks in my mouth! Which I tend to do when watching TV. Stay cozy and safe!

  6. Sarajo Wentling Says:

    So good to hear from you, Lynda. I’ve been wondering how you were doing. Keep on keeping on… hopefully your muse will start to wake up after a little creativity. I’m trying to do at least a little something at the bead table each day. I should also commit to some bead related organization each day. Stay safe and well!

    • Morning, Sarajo! I’m still here, just a quiet time in my life. I did start a jewelry class on Zoom and that’s been refreshing. Going to give kumihimo a shot this week. I do enjoy regular visits to others’ blogs, including yours, to be inspired and amazed. Your HoneyDo challenges are always fun! Stay cozy!

  7. Hi Lynda! I seldom have time to hang on the net and chat about jewelry nowadays, and these strange times haven’t given me anymore time for that — working from home with the day job hasn’t given me more than half an hour extra per day, which I seem to spend sleeping for longer… not a bad thing actually.
    Just reflected on how right you are with that “joy” -message on the necklace. I found the truth in that a couple of years ago too. If you are really deep in despair, the only way to not drown in it, is to take a short moment every day to be grateful or happy for something, be it the tiniest detail: sunshine, a small flower, the fact that you just managed to hang the washing. Anything really, that makes you stop in the moment to see a ray of joy!
    Hopefully, we’ll come out of this too (not that I’m despairing right now, just feeling on hold). Been thinking of you, my jewelry friends around the world, wondering how you are doing! Stay safe!

    • Great to hear from you, Monica! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. My hope is that we can all take the positive practices and learnings from this time of isolation into the future. Stay cozy!

  8. courtney beltz Says:

    Lynda ,
    Cute design on the glass beads necklace. Love how versatile it is! Three necklaces in one.
    And yes I think everyone loves getting a little something in the mail. The simple necklaces are great for summer. They look so light weight on the silk cord.

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