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All dress up and nowhere to go… April 23, 2020

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   I rarely look at the calendar anymore…all the meetings, classes, appointments, granddaughter’s swim meets, lunches, Bible studies, etc… are canceled. But I happened to glance at it today and noticed that our 11th annual Women’s Retreat would have started tomorrow.  We decided to cancel over a month ago, but were able to reserve for next April.

   It made me really sad. I miss these women and this sacred time together.

   These five pair of earrings were made by me about two months ago as gifts for the leadership team.  I purchased a package of gold plated teardrop frames with the idea of creating a variety of designs for these gifts.  Happy with the results, but not sure if they will be saved for next year or not.  April, 2021 seems like a long time away.


         Praying it’s a very different world by then.

five earrings


5 Responses to “All dress up and nowhere to go…”

  1. Mary Christine Gibbons Says:

    So pretty.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. jewelsofsayuri Says:

    The earrings look very pretty. You could post it to them if there is no lockdown or sell them online

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