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Taking the challenge! April 30, 2020

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    I’ve been able to participate in a four week jewelry course via Zoom through our Adult School…free of charge.  Their goal isn’t so much new learning, but keeping people connected during our isolation. Admirable goal, for sure, and I am grateful see friends each week.

    Understanding that we have widely varying supplies and tools in our homes, our teacher has tried to come up with a weekly project or challenge everyone can participate in.  Last week, after sharing tutorials, she asked us to try out Kumihimo, a sort of round weaving technique.  I made my own ‘loom’ out of scrap cardboard and used some white and turquoise thickish twine.  Fun, but don’t have any end caps to finish the cord into a bracelet.

    This past Tuesday, Pam gave us a new challenge theme…polka dots.  Create any piece of jewelry using a dot inspiration.  Very open-ended, again we don’t have the ability to go out shopping for supplies. This gave me the opportunity to go digging into my supply closet and shelves to see what I have on hand.  I am both pleased and chagrined to write that I found a treasure trove…a small box of wonderful, colorful Jennifer Heynen beads and connectors.  I must explain…Some of you might remember her Michael’s line of components under the name Jennifer Jangles.  I loved her colorful, whimsical ceramic work. Well, the line was discontinued long ago and when all the remnants when on clearance, I bought up quite a lot.  Then, evidently, promptly forgot I did this.  I’ve had this selection for many years now and just rediscovered its delights yesterday…and how perfectly suited they are for this challenge!

                An embarrassment of riches.


Dot challenge 6

Dot challenge 7


   You can see that she not only loves color and stripes, but lots and lots of dots.  Perfect!

   I had a lovely morning deciding on a design for a necklace to meet this week’s challenge, featuring a very large, red, polka-dotted flower. And although, they are hard to see in my photos, the yellow beads also have dots. I think the nice round beads might also qualify as “dot-ish”, too.  What do you think?


Dot challenge 5


   Here is the result of my playtime.  Made even easier, because I used some of her already beaded chain.  Just added a few bits and bobs, here and there.  Also, thought a pair of asymmetrical earrings completed this whimsical set.


Dot challenge 4


Dot challenge 2


Dot challenge 1


   Great news is that there are still plenty of

Jennifer Jangles to have more fun with!


10 Responses to “Taking the challenge!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    You rose to the challenge and nailed it! I too have a plethora of supplies from many crafts I create…can’t pick just one!
    Love the asymmetrical earrings! Bright colors for a not so bright period of time! Stay safe!

  2. Sandy parrott Says:

    Beautiful and you are having fun ❤️

  3. Sarajo Wentling Says:

    So fun and cheery! I still have some of her pieces from Michael’s too. I’m pretty sure I bought them because of your blog!

  4. donnahij Says:

    I love it! Whimsey is just what we need right now. And I’m glad you found a hidden treasure while working on this project. Peace

  5. Hope Smitherman Says:

    You lucky thing! I wasn’t ever able to get my hands on any of her beads. My Michael’s didn’t carry them (or sold out before I could get to them.) I love the necklace you made. You definitely rose up to the challenge.

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