Fresh Baked Designs

Adventures in jewelry making

About September 20, 2010

How does a retired teacher living in Southern California turn a jewelry making hobby into a small business??  I’m happily learning and exploring this art form–the tools, techniques, and materials.  As yet, I have no identifiable style.  Maybe never will.

Oh, and just in case you wonder about the name “Fresh Baked”?  Until recently, my workspace for making jewelry was a counter top in my kitchen, where many delicious things have been made over the years.


12 Responses to “About”

  1. Lynn Eileen Forsterling Says:

    Lynda, thanks for the explanation of your business name! I love it!!! : )

    Bead Happy,

  2. Cindy Says:

    Lynda, I really love the name of your blog! It certainly got my attention – love baking and love beads too! 🙂

  3. As the director of a little non-profit that gives living-wage employment to young Krobo artisans, I was so happy to see your beautiful jewelry using Krobo beads! Aiiieeekooo! (Krobo for “Well done!”)

    • Thank you for your comment, Melody. And for the good work you are doing in Ghana with bead artists. Love those beads!
      We look forward to returning to the village of Kasai in the fall.

  4. Melinda Orr Says:

    Enjoyed reading about you! M

  5. Jennifer Wenzel Says:

    Hi! I saw your copper oval earrings on the Jewelry Making Daily blog this morning. They’re lovely; where can I buy a pair, and how much are they?

  6. Hermin Says:

    I love this site. I was sharing some of the jewellery with my students. My students and i are inspiried. thanks for sharing

    • Hello, Hermin! How thrilling, and humbling, to know that you and your students are finding some inspiration here! I have personally found the jewelry making community to be very open and giving when it comes to encouragement and support. Yeah!

  7. cali8973 Says:

    I’m a teacher, too, and will be retiring in about a year and a half. I just started taking a jewelry fabrication class at our community college, with the hope that I can supplement my income. I love it! I’m was so glad to see your blog, and am very inspired by your work

    • How wonderful that you are looking to the future. I never ever thought that my retirement would be so full and adventurous! It all started with a jewelry class in my final year of teaching, too. You might also look at taking advantage of any small business seminars in your area, as you explore your jewelry business idea. Keep in touch…I’d love to hear how things are going with you.

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