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Dessert/Cake Pedestals March 7, 2014

I’ve recently branched out into creating one-of-a-kind

dessert/cake/small bite pedestals.

Love, love the joy of the hunt…looking for thrift store gems

and clearance shelf orphans.

Putting pieces together with strong epoxy,

they are ready for a new life and purpose.

Here are some recent creations.

blue cup plate     Tea cup Plate


orange flowers

Blue glasspaisley plate          flower plate

Poppy Plate

Pink Geraniums

red flower plate

Green flowers

black flower cup plate

bird plate           Tea cup pedestal

Audobon birds                   Red Poppies

Roses cup and plate


2 Responses to “Dessert/Cake Pedestals”

  1. Judy Says:

    Well, these are just gorgeous! What a fun and creative way to put orphans and old items to a fabulous use! I know a few folks who would love these!!

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