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Find Me Here February 27, 2011

To contact me about any of the jewelry or events you find here, please email me at



In the East County community of Jamul…

The Upper Hand Spa Salon and Gift Boutique,

13910 Lyons Valley Road, Jamul.  619-669-0080




10 Responses to “Find Me Here”

  1. Carolyn McLean Says:

    Hi Lynda,

    Your jewelry is beautiful!
    My name is Carolyn McLean. I was viewing the gallery posts on JewelryLessons and saw your Ghana bead bracelets. The bracelets are so beautiful and I am so happy to hear that they are to raise funds for schools in Ghana. It reminds me of about 3 years ago when my son was ten, his Sunday school class gave each child five dollars and challenged them to multiply the money to use to build schools in India. We made bracelets also and it was a great success! It is so wonderful to be able to use the talents that God has given us for the purpose of spreading his word and helping others.
    I live in Yorba Linda California and I have been making jewelry for about 20 years.
    It is an enjoyable hobby for me!

    In Him,

    • Hi, Carolyn, Thanks so much for your encouraging words about fundraising efforts with this jewelry. I’ve sold 6 pieces already and have lots more interest expressed. We’re planning on returning to Ghana next year and looking forward to bringing more school supplies to the Primary School in Kasei. We were blessed by the deep, mature faith of the Christians we spent time with in Ghana.

  2. Wendy Brewer Says:

    Hi Lynda! I was wondering if the recycled glass beads from Ghana are available for purchase anywhere. I would love to use them in pieces that I make! Please let me know 🙂

    • Hi, Wendy. The good news is yes! These lovely beads are easily available online. Some stores on Etsy also have them. Here’s a link to one: They seem to have a nice selection.
      You might also try a google search for Ghana Beads or Ghana Krobo Beads to see what other sources are out there.
      I’m sure you’ll enjoy designing with these unique beads as much as I have.


      • AmyH3Kids Says: is the website you should use to buy your beads. The online store is run by the women of Ghana who make the beads. There are many other handmade items available on the site that were also made by Ghanaians.

      • Thanks for the referral, Amy. Always great to support global handmade businesses. I’m fortunate to be able to purchase from local artisans when we travel to Ghana, but very happy to pass along resources for these lovely beads.

  3. karla Says:

    do you have a web page or do you sell on Etsy?

    • Hi, Karla,
      Thanks for the contact. At this time I do not sell on line. However, if you are comfortable with this, I have sold lots of things through email/US mail.
      You’d let me know what you are interested in via my home email, I’ll let you know the price plus estimated postage. If you want to proceed, then you would send me a check and your address. If this is an option for you, then please contact me at I would be delighted to help you.
      If you are just curious about my pricing, I’m still happy to send you info by email, too.

  4. Generally I don’t make ethnic or bohemian styled jewelry. I lean towards crystal and bling-y things….yet I wear almost NO jewelry! My dress is simple, t-shirt and jeans with sneakers. I have seen your work on Pinterest, and clicked over to your blog several times. What’s my point, you may ask?

    This time was different. I saw the squished washers in copper and wondered how you made them. That led me to actually READ your posts, and I have since learned much more about your style. I too, am a sucker for broken used jewelry, and I haunt 2nd hand stores. I also gravitate towards blue/green hues, purple too. To see the orange and the more rustic looking item has inspired me to jump out of my box. I really don’t like orange. I only have some orange seed beads that I purchased on purpose because I am making a few daisy chain bracelets for some of the cancer survivors/battlers in my office. You have inspired me to branch out into more, shall we say, unusual art to give to these brave women in my office. They keep wanting to pay me, and I won’t take any money for art made out of love and support.
    I am considering opening an etsy shop, so I visited yours and I am wondering how you price things. I have no clue what to value my pieces as I do not have a set space or time to work, I just pull stuff out randomly while watching TV with my family and I play. I can’t sit and do nothing but stare. LOL.

    So, how do you figure out what you will charge? do you consider cost of material or labor time as most important. I really don’t want to apply a formula…because some pieces are “just exploring and it looked ok” and others are “I don’t want to let this out of my sight!” so each piece tends to be more emotional.

    Thanks! and keep it up, I am now loving your blog!

  5. Hello, Chris. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment and ask a very good question about pricing. I don’t think you are alone in puzzling over this issue…me, too…and many other jewelry designers.
    I have a couple of things to share that I have learned. First, when setting a price on a piece of jewelry, I do make an estimate of the cost in materials, because I have a business and need to keep accounts for tax purposes( not to the penny, but a good estimate). And yes, labor counts, but do realize that you’ll never recoup your time or energy. A lot of what we do is for the love of it. Next, what will the market bear? Take a good look at your customers and try to figure out what their budget for these types of purchases might be. Also, where are you selling…a craft market, a store, a home party??? What are the other vendors charging for similar items?
    And finally, like you, I do scour the pricing of pieces on places like Etsy. And how much has the vendor sold!
    You might also take a look at the forums on the pricing topic on Jewelry Making Journal.
    Best wishes for a profitable future!

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