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And next we have… November 12, 2016

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    If you’re anywhere near East County in San Diego….

             Fresh Baked Designs is not list because I signed up after these were printed, but I guarantee you that I’ll be there with all the bells and whistles.



Monday morning quarterbacking… November 7, 2016

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Anyone out there get this post title?  Pretty funny that it came to my mind as I write this because I don’t follow or watch football.

My thoughts after the Holiday Market this past weekend…First, I am so grateful to be in the company of such incredible, giving women who put on this event for the last eight years.  And the hardworking crew of custodians and men who do the heavy lifting.

Second…so pleased to see old friends, new friends, and total strangers enjoy the warmth and hospitality of this event.  Many  came just to enjoy the holiday spirit, a cup of coffee, and some tasty baked goods.  Our 140 year old congregation is downtown and our neighbors are a rescue mission that houses so many in recovery, several  low income senior apartment buildings, lots of young professionals who walk by us going to and from work every day, and people who claim the sidewalks as their home.  All are welcome.

Third…it’s fun to catch up with fellow vendors and see what they are up too. Some have attended for many years and say how much they look forward to this market in particular because everyone is so helpful and kind. How much they feel appreciated. In our big city, there are probably 5 or 6 markets each weekend this time of year.  Maybe more.  Lots of competition for vendors and customers alike.

Lastly…jewery-wise, a lot of Fresh Baked Designs found new homes. My best event ever with lots of repeat customers. That feels satisfying.

 Here’s a peek at my set up.



These dessert pedestals also sold well.  Not sure if I’ll make anymore however.  They take up so much room to store.



And my space happened to be right in front of that festive market banner…made by Virginia, an eighty plus woman with an amazing artistic talent, who makes all our church event banners. As a mother of six, she was my breast feeding mentor when I was a newbie mom. If there was speed dial available back then, she would have been #1 on my list. In fact her husband, Tom, delivered our first child over 45 years ago.  I am so lucky and humbled to be a part of this household of faith.








Prep Day… November 2, 2016

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I spent the morning cleaning up all the leftover bits and pieces from my making frenzy of the last few weeks.  Getting inventory ready for the big Holiday Market this weekend.  This is one of the few I commit to each year.  There is another one at the end of the month and one in December.  But wouldn’t you know it!  In cleaning up all the spaces (I spilled over into the dining room and kitchen, too)  I spied a couple more earring ideas in the mess that just begged to get made.


An experiment… wrapping up a few left over beads onto bits of ball chain.  The ear wires were made from two purchased ball head pins.  Hammered the balls into dots, then shaped and hammered the pins. Voila!


And then this textured copper pendant pair…All handcrafted…pendants, ear wires, and headpins. Made with gorgeous dark honey Chalcedony.  The stones just glow when they are backlit by the light.

                              Tempted to keep these!



Saved my least favorite job til last.  Pricing.  I hate it.  It’s always difficult to put a value on my work.  And yes, I’ve made peace with the reality that I will never get a fair wage for all the time that is put into these pieces of jewelry.  Then there is state sales tax over 8 percent, state and federal income taxes to pay.  Those of you who sell your wares…Do you agonize as much as I do about this?  I really do want people to enjoy and value what I offer as much as I enjoy making it for them.  That’s the bottom line.  So I’ll take a stab at it and let it go.


I might have shared this idea before, but here it is again.  As a blatant incentive to spend money at my booth, I offer a deal…A free pair of cute little ear hugs with a minimum $30 purchase.  These have been very popular in the past.  Some customers even want to buy extra pairs.  They are made from silver plated ball headpins and inexpensive beads, stones, and glass pearls.  I optimistically made about 30 pairs…



Now back to pricing…I think I’ll make a cup of nice, calming Ginger Lemon tea first.  I feel a stomach ache coming on…





Tricks and treats… October 30, 2016

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Tomorrow is Halloween.  Truth be told, we don’t get many or any kiddos at our door in the past few years.  And we do keep our porch light on and buy a couple of big bags of candy in preparation.  Just no little ones in our neighborhood and there are no sidewalks either…not very user friendly.  So, we buy the candy we like to eat and enjoy!  Snickers for me, M&Ms for him.

Here’s the treats…It’s been a busy week.  Tomorrow I’ll do a practice set up for the Holiday Market and see what it looks like.  Pretty sure I have enough inventory, but it’s always good to see if there are any holes.  The rest of the post is just photos…enjoy.

First up, Mother of Pearl, Ghana glass beads,

and cute silver sand dollars.




Recycled glass beads from Ghana in vibrant colors.



Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise.


Love these silver leaf components!



Smokey quartz pairs well with bits of turquoise.



A rare for me set of jewelry in 14k gold filled chain and wire with micro faceted ruby quartz.



A pair of hammer sterling silver earrings goes with everything!



Ball Chain Change Up… October 25, 2016

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I was inspired by another jewelry artist from Button Up Beads by the unusual way she used ball chain and rhinestone chain in her eclectic, edgy earring designs.  I had purchased a spool of ball chain long ago and had no inspiration on how to use it…until now.  It was great fun wire wrapping and decorating these simple brass rings purchased in bulk from Michaels.  I love the lacy look that the ball fringe and wire give these earrings…a more romantic flare.



Add a small cluster of Czech glass flowers


Or random groupings of gold and lavender


Or my favorite, faceted pale blue glass


These last two are just more wired up fun…



And I’ve still got scads of ball chain to play with!





It’s Market Time! October 21, 2016

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This Holiday Market is one of the few that I participate in each year.  Cannot believe that this will be the eighth year!  It has certainly grown and refined into one of the finest in our downtown area.  Over thirty vendors who have been carefully vetted for quality goods….with five non-profits like the Tomorrow Project which benefits  women recovering from domestic abuse and their children.  They make a very tasty assortment of bean soup mixes, packaged in large mason jars that are wonderful for gifts.  I can attest that all are delicious! The market takes place at our historic 100 year old church.  And being a church event, there will be delicious homemade lunch items and a glorious bake sale.  Our church ladies love to bake!  If any of you are in the San Diego County area, you are cordially invited to attend.  I’d love to meet you!


And if you live in Kalamazoo or Timbuktu and see something you’d like, just comment and I’ll get back to you about a purchase through Paypal.  I am very accommodating no matter where you are!



So…I continue to work on new and interesting pieces

to offer at this year’s event.

Lots of earrings, of course…






Some sweet necklaces…this one has a faceted blue topaz link.

In oxidized sterling silver.



And then, back to the scene of the crime…

A few weeks ago, I shared my tragic experience with lost waxed casting.  Remember?  The only survivor was this sterling sand dollar.  Now it’s all polished up and showing off on a necklace of micro faceted Iolite beads.



I still have a lot I want to do, but I’m getting there.


More goodies… October 15, 2016

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First up, some etched copper earrings…

all with handmade ear wires and head pins.



I love these little Czech glass leaves from Lima Beads…

you’ll see them sprinkled here and there in my new pieces.



And more long chain necklaces with tassels…

I’ve made so many that I have to get creative and think of a way to display and show them off properly.

I’ll definitely be wearing one during the shows.












Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!