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Learning enameling January 31, 2018

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This session in the Adult School Jewelry class is about torch fired enameling.  It’s just six weeks, so just enough time to learn a bit and experiment a lot.  Which I love to do.  I will admit that I wasn’t too excited about this, as I think of it as a kind of old fashioned style of jewelry, but I am being open minded and reserving judgment… Part of the joy in these class is learning from other students, seeing what they are learning as they try new things.

We are using powdered enamel…finely ground bits of colored glass, to add color to copper metal shapes. Using a torch, the glass grains melt and adhere to the prepared copper surface. Lucky us, the teacher has supplied the class with about a hundred plus colors of enamels… transparents and opaques.  Lovely!

I’ve chosen to experiment on copper metal that’s been embossed, so the surface has quite a lot of texture. But a few pieces, like the pendant and purple disc earrings you’ll see are more smooth. Last night I also tried out another technique that uses a ‘watercolor’ technique I saw on youtube…gotta love youtube!  Instead of sifting on the dry enamel powders, the powder is mixed with water and a bit of Klyr Fire ( that acts like a glue), then applied with a tiny paint brush.  Excited to work some more on this technique next time.


This was my first attempt.  Just looked like burnt copper, not the lovely green enamel I used.  Not sure what went wrong, but I do like that the leafy embossed copper design shows through the glassy surface.

enamel 4


And number two…The purple was a dry application, then I went back and applied a mix of aqua and dabs of darker green using the watercolor technique.  Love the bits of bright copper showing.  I don’t usually like bright copper in jewelry (you know I’m a huge fan of oxidized copper), but love it with these enamels.

enamel 1


And the backs…Ugly.  The backs were actually done first, called counter enameling, because glass want to pull to the center, so this counter acts that action when you do the front of the piece.  It seems that the color tend to change the more times you fire the piece.  The flame of the torch is actually underneath the piece.

enamel 2



And these…a total experiment.  I just kept adding more colors with the paintbrush and firing.  Just to see what would happen.  A.  Some of the enamels are like shiny glass, others are a bit dull looking.  Especially the orange/red.  B. I love the bits of copper showing through.  It’s a very interesting, modern look to my eye.

enamel 7



Next…Do you see the difference in the two colors.  Glassy purple and orange pit-ty red. I think that the red enamel takes longer to melt, so I needed to keep at it longer.  So at the top of my list next class, is to refire it and see what happens.  Again this heart was cut from an embossed sheet of copper.  I then used a paint brushed loaded with wet enamel to pack the low parts of the design. Love how the copper metal ridges are showing in this piece.

enamel 3



Last one for now…  These pendants were hammered out from old thick wire from the garage.  I textured just the top part and applied to colors of enamel.  Again, love the bright copper color that gives these a simple modern look to a very old art form.

enamel 5


Finally, if you have a little time and would like to watch some short youtube videos in enameling, here’s a couple to wet your appetite.

Dry enameling basics… 

Wet enameling with Ricky Frank..  first of four in a series. Does amazing work. I did not grind my own enamel powers as he did though.


And there you have it, til next time…






Into the ocean… January 5, 2018

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Exhale.   I just finished it this morning…holding my breath. Like diving into the ocean. I feel good.  Really good.  About this necklace.  I think this is my sixth stone I’ve bezel set.  My first with a gallery style bezel wire and so happy I didn’t melt it when soldering all the different pieces on.

I had purchased the gorgeous Labradorite cab a few years ago…thinking that when I was ready, I’d tackle setting it.  I’d take the stone out every six months or so and stare at it, then put it away again.  Never felt ready.  Then last month, I thought…What am I waiting for?  I’ll probably never ‘feel’ ready.  If I waited for everything to ‘feel right’ I probably wouldn’t accomplish very much in life. Just get started, already!!  So, I did.  The setting evolved in fits and starts…then lay aside over the holidays.  Finished it up yesterday and set it today.

The necklace part is a lustrous collection of pearls and tiny labradorite faceted rondells. Pearls in various shades of blue, purple, green and gray.  Everything I see in the Lab cab. I had a hard time deciding on whether to make a silver chain for this or go with something with stones or pearls.  The pearls said yes.  Sadly, I don’t think these photos do the pearls justice.  They really do pick up much more of the colors in the stone.  Oh, well.


labradorite 4


labradorite 2


labradorite 5


As I sit typing up this blog post, I’m wearing the necklace to see how it feels.  It feels just right.


Here’s to a sparkly New Year… January 3, 2018

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Can you believe it’s 2018?  Happy New Year, everyone!

Who doesn’t need more sparkle in their life?  I found a box with some left over chandelier parts on my workbench the other day.  Hmm… Thought they’d make some pretty awesome hangers. Start playing around with sparkly crystals and colorful beads.  Et, voila! They look great on a Christmas tree, but would also had some bling-bling to a window or hanging from a rear-view mirror in the car.  I’m definitely going to make more next year for Holiday Markets and personal gift giving.

You can easily purchase a box of 12 crystal chandelier parts from Amazon for less than $10.  They have lots of sizes, styles, and even colors.  I used 18 gauge silver plated wire to add pretty beads and hangers.  Ready to gift in a jiff.  The one on the right has silver solder tinned around the edges for a more antique look.



crystal hangers

IMO, these would make great gifts all year round…

Who couldn’t use a little bedazzling in their life?



Nestlings… December 1, 2017

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So my fingers are black and my nails are in shreds.  Who needs tools when you have fingernails?  Pfffft.

These are for the two remaining holiday markets next weekend…for all those nurturing women in our life.


bird nest cuff





Now I really need to find my nail brush…

P.S.  So happy to see the WordPress snow falling again!



Transformed Trio November 28, 2017

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Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day…We just finished the last of the leftovers for dinner last night.

I also got the itch to cut up and play with another used thrift store belt for embellishing cuffs.  This $3 belt will make four bracelets.  While three are done, there’s still one more in my head to make.

Using varying combos of embossing, painting, and ink stamping, these all received different embellishments.  Each one also has a different closure.  And all were treated to a couple of coats of Ren Wax to protect the finishes.

This first one has a large agate slice wired on with a button and leather loop closure.


trio 1


trio 2


Next has a lovely statement that kind of makes me a little teary.  A great encouragement for women, I think. Used a leather lace with bead for an adjustable closure.




This last one might be for men or women??  I do like the large toggle clasp with the pewter painted finish on the leather.  Not sure…unisex?  What do you think?


trio 4


One last look at my new trio of up-cycled leather bracelets.  Still plenty of belt for another one!










That’s a wrap! November 20, 2017

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So, my few holiday markets are going well.  Two more to go, both the second weekend in December…one all day Friday and one Saturday afternoon.

I did find out that people love buying the leather bracelets, so I’ve ordered more materials to make some more for these events.  One group is has been sunbathing outside during the daylight hours to deepen their color before I run them through the rolling mill to emboss them.  Good thing we’re still sunny in Southern California this week!

Don’t think I’ve ever shared my packaging for jewelry…probably because it’s nothing super special. As I’ve been making up a new batch for these last two markets, I’ll let you know what I do…Simple, simple.  But I like them.

I purchase 4 1/2 x 6 3/4 inch glassine bags on Amazon.  One hundred in a pack. They are used in bakeries for those small cookie purchases.

Using StazOn ink and some large stamps, I add a pretty design to one side of the bag. Done!  As I said, Simple.  I do put my earrings or a delicate sterling silver necklace into a small clear ziplock bag first.

This size is large enough for earrings, bracelets, and most of my necklaces.  And in my humble opinion, these will do for a gift bag in a pinch. I can also slip in a sale receipt and business card.

The permanent ink and stamps are from Michaels…these can be pricey, so alway use a coupon or purchase when there is a 40% sale.  These stamps are used and abused!  I use them with polymer clay designs, stamping packaging and signage, and stamping copper for etching metal.  Besides the ink colors shown, I also have black, red, and blue.

Love this product.


DSCN6039 2



These are the bags…did I say Simple?  Yup, I did!



Painting leather… October 26, 2017

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More experiments with leather yesterday.  I’m having too much fun when I should really be giving full attention to inventory for some holiday markets.  Hoping these add some new interest for those returning shoppers.

This first one was dabbed with acrylic paints in lilac, turquoise, and old gold. Then stamped all over with StazOn ink.


painted cuff


painted cuff 2


And this, embellished with a gorgeous Vintaj Dragonfly and a carnelian nugget.

dragonfly cuff


This bracelet was embossed, then painted with a mix of acrylic paint and antiquing medium.  Rubbed with a paper towel when almost dry.

With more Vintaj beauties.

green cuff


This last one, is a piece of one of my husband’s old leather belts.  And you guessed it!

Another Vintaj pretty.

old belt leather


              Two more cuffs made from pieces of the old belt…giving it a new life!


flower cuff


hoplite cuff


Thinking I need to hit the thrift stores for some more leather belts!