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Custom December 11, 2010

Email:            Phone:  619-670-2362

This page is where clients can view their custom orders.  I absolutely love to work with people to make their jewelry ideas happen.  So… here are a few things I might be able to help you with…

1.  If you have a special event coming up??   Together let’s design earrings, necklace, and/or bracelet to accent your attire.

2.  What to do with a lonely, but favorite earring with a missing mate??   I can either try to match it or if that’s not feasible–what about turning it into a lovely pendant necklace?

3.  Or I can “upcycle” Grandma’s costume jewelry that you inherited.  It might be out of style, but still have potential. Perhaps I can update-recycle (upcycle) it, by making it into something more to your liking.

4.  Need something simply repaired, or shortened, or lengthened??   Let’s talk.

5.  Lastly, don’t forget a little something specially made for that close friend, dear sister or auntie.


****For Heidi…from Sean


****Melissa, 2-20-13…sterling silver necklace with light rose AB Swarovski crystals

melissa's necklace

****Lois, 4-13-12… with agate beads from Ghana

*****Yvonne, 2-12-12… sterling wrapped crystal briolettes

****For Melissa, 10-17-11…Necklace and bracelet with gray glass pearl rosettes.

****For my darling daughter, April   9-3-11    Mosaic earrings for that special outfit.

***For Sharon…from Chris.  Bracelet and earrings made from the textured copper tubing beads with turquoise howlite heishi bead accents.  

***For Peggy…some major bling for a family wedding.

        Handcrafted silver plated frame with Swarovski crystals on sterling silver ear wires.

***For Brigitte…Tiny Bubbles…large hoops with inside ‘stacked’ beads in summery blues.

***For Kathy…Mother’s Day…for her mom with 3 children and 8 grands and great grands.    Sterling silver nestling necklace and earrings with fresh water pearls.

***For Heidi’s Wedding, 6 necklaces for the bridesmaids***

Lovely young couple, Heidi and Sean, asked if I would make necklaces for the bridal party.  The short strapless dresses are the colors of the sunset, 2 red, 2 tangerine, and 2 deep rose.  Here is a sample of the necklace for the rose dress.

The 15 1/2 inch scalloped gold plated chain holds Swarovski crystals and pendant with  a 2 inch extender.

***For Kathy  3-22-11

****For Cathy  2-28-11 For her daughter’s very special birthday!   Bracelet is made of copper and sterling silver wire with fresh water pearls and glass crystals.

****For Zan    2-28-11

Zan had this beautiful necklace and wanted some earrings to go with it.  Found some gorgeous fresh water pearls and two amethyst Swarovski crystals for this request.




****For Melissa

Sterling silver and carnelian bracelet/earring set with leaf charms.

****Special Order for  Yvonne

Sterling links with hearts and ‘love’ beads.





****Glasses Necklace for Yvonne

Redesigned a eyeglasses necklace with copper accents and chain. Click image to enlarge.

****1-22-11    For Yvonne-  wired copper cuff bracelet

For Ann…with sisterly love

Copper pendant with aquamarine Swarovski crystal and ‘love’ bead.


One Response to “Custom”

  1. arleengeller Says:

    Luv your work, I also do very organic pieces and appreciate your use of recycling and modernizing these pieces. Thanks for sharing.

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