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Easing in… September 6, 2018

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The calendar is staring me in the face these days. I have several Fall craft fairs starting in early October and don’t have much in the jewelry coffers.  Been pretty lazy this summer, so I really, really need to get started.  And it seems to me that the longer I go without creating something, the harder it is to get back into it.  Is that true with you?

Today, I decided to start with something simple that uses up lots of odds and ends that still clutter my work bench.  It was kind of fun picking through the little piles and choose beads and such that might be useful.  The pink buttons were an after thought.

Last year I made a few of these crystal sun catchers right after Christmas and thought these would be a great little addition to my jewelry display tables.  I have a wonderful little tree display that would suit these perfectly and catch the light.  Hoping this will help catch customers’ attention and draw them into my booth.  Like bees to fragrant flowers…


These are last year’s crystal hangers…

crystal hangers


These are today’s makings…


suncatcher 1


suncatcher 2


sun catcher 3


Seven done…well, almost done.  I still need to make the wire loop hangers. While not jewelry, I hope shoppers will be delighted with these one of a kind sparklies for friends and family.  And truth-be-told, there are still piles of orphan beads to use up.  Good thing I purchased a box of 12 crystal chandelier replacement pieces.


Postscript…   Finished two more and now I’m done.  The “beachy” sun catcher is quirky, but I kind of like it!


sun catcher 4


UPDATE!!  August 6, 2019    

Because I have received numerous inquiries about these sweet sun catchers, I thought it might be helpful to see some finished products with the spiral hangers (18 g. wire) on the tree display.  These have far exceeded my expectations to draw customers into my booth and many, many have found new homes, too.  

This tree is usually loaded with many more sun catchers.  Very sparkly!

suncatcher tree