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Enameling wrap up… February 14, 2018

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Last night was the last class on enameling.  So time to wrap up with a few pieces and thoughts to share.

Let’s get the failures and learnings out of the way…  First, I am grateful for a class to play and learn in with a group of wonderful students who are so open to sharing with they learn too. And can’t forget our excellent teacher Pam.   Also, copper is a cheap material to experiment with.  Don’t think I’d be so free if I was working in sterling or fine silver.  In these two pieces I was trying to learn how to enamel on bits of millefiori glass rods.  When fired properly, they melt down flat into the enamel and turn into gorgeous flower blooms.  Just couldn’t get it done.  Mine just rolled up into balls and stayed that way.  Felt like I had fired it for ten minutes.  You can see that one got close, but with the amount of time I spent torching (or torturing) those poor little things, the enamel colors look scorched and burnt.  Nothing like the colors I laid down on the copper.  On the plus side, I did see the beautiful color possible on just putting flux on bare copper…a lovely orange-pink golden color is the best I can describe it.  I actually like the piece on the bottom and would have used it to make something, but one of the glass ‘balls’ popped off. You can see that it left a tiny ghost flower design behind.


enamel test

And on to the more successful ones…  I wanted to show some finished jewelry, because I was a bit puzzled on how to use these components in creating pieces to wear.


multi color enamel



blue enamel


Love  the colors of this next pair…reminds me of the red earth of Utah or Kauai.  I think my husband still has his red dirt shirt from the island.  These are like Zion, upside-down. Blue sky below, red earth above.  Pam showed me how to create the bottom pieces using the dye cutter…easy, peasy trick.  Love them!  But the camera’s ‘third’ eye is showing me some crazing on the left one.  Not sure what caused that.  Did I drop in the water too soon after firing?  Anyone out there know?


zion enamel 2


And just in time for Valentine’s Day…

a bit unusual for me, color-wise.

enamel heart necklace 2


enamel heart necklace


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  Hugs all around!