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My P-R-e-c-i-o-u-s… March 6, 2013

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I know.


But I must admit that I came this close to saying it last night

when my ring was finally finished.

lapis 1

lapis 2

lapis 3

Note to self:   next time think about hiring a ‘hand model’.


Whoot! Whoot! June 30, 2011

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Really wanted to try making a soldered ring yesterday.  My instructor, Kristi, said to make the initial ring 2 sizes smaller than you want the finished piece to be after texturing.

So I measured the circumference of the ring mandrel at the 6 1/2 mark. Then cut a piece of 14 gauge wire that length.  After annealing, filing the ends smooth and flush, I bent the wire around the mandrel to get it started.  Also, used the pliers to bend the ends flatter so that I could get a nice, tight join.  The solder flowed beautifully into the join.  And I did a little happy dance.  After pickling, I put the ring onto the mandrel and used a leather mallet to get it into a perfect round.  Then, switched to my other hammer to flatten and texture the ring.  Filed any little rough bits, shined it up with a polishing cloth and it was done!  It’s a wonderful, skinny, little silver ring and I love it.