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more PMC … April 14, 2019

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A quick share today with some more finished pieces.  The three pendants were created in class and then finished up at home.  


The star…

PMC Star 2

Charms of turquoise, pearl, mystic blue quartz, garnet, and a 14K gold filled seashell.



The cross…

PMC Cross 2


PMC Cross


The stamped pendant…

PMC collage

After the clay was stamped with a design, I added the heart with a syringe filled with slip.



And here’s a pic of the backs of cross and the star to show how I added the bails.  They were made from 18 gauge fine silver wire and soldered onto the pieces.  

PMC backs


If you’re keeping a tally, this is five finished pieces from one 25 gram package of PMC+. And I think I have enough clay left for one more.  So if you thought, like I did, that this material is too expensive for you to try, maybe have another look.  If I can get six fine silver pieces from one $48 lump of clay, I’d say that’s pretty great!



Purple is rare… August 22, 2017

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While I do like an occasional touch of purple, mostly amethyst briolettes, here and there in my designs, I rarely veer this far into this area of the color palette. It’s always an accent color, never the main attraction.

When choosing some new seed beads for the class I taught last month, these really caught my attention to go with the fine linked silver chain I had already selected.  Thought I’d share the finished piece with you all.  I’m also thinking of shortening up the chain and adding a clasp in order to move the design up closer to the face .

It’s sooooo sparkly!


purple ladder



purple ladder 2


And goes so nicely with these earrings I shared with you in the last post.


ladder earrings


Question!  Is there a color you rarely use in your jewelry designs?  Can you articulate why??  I really can’t say why I’m not drawn to purple.  I don’t have  any purple pieces in my closet either.  What would it take for you to try a rarely used color in your work?

Any thoughts?