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First Tutorial: feedback welcome February 6, 2012

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I recently had some requests to do a tutorial on the ‘horseshoe’ (AKA omega) earring frames. So here’s my first foray into writing one. It’s more pictorial, less verbiage. I can see that the text may be a bit too small, but please ****click on the images to enlarge.

Two caveats:  It does presume that one has some experience wire wrapping. And, some experience with a hammer and steel bench block. That said, I’m certainly not one to discourage anyone from giving this a try.  There is not much wrapping or hammering on this one. That’s how we learn, right? I would request two things, if you’d be so kind:  One, I am very open to constructive feedback on the tutorial, especially if you’ve given it a try. Secondly, I’d love to post photos of your finished earrings using this tutorial.   Please send me a photo by email to    This photo shows some finished earrings:

Materials:   7″ wire, 18 gauge (copper, craft wire), 1 foot of finer gauge wire that fits two briolette beads, and ear wires of choice

Tools: ruler, flush cutters, round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, steel bench block, and hammer




Liz made these two pairs of blue beauties from this tutorial.