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Belt shortage… August 11, 2018

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I need to preface this post by admitting that although there is a small collection of belts on a hook in my closet, I have not worn a belt in a very, very long time.  Just how long you ask?  Well, long enough for fashion to apparently drastically change.

Last week, I did try to find a belt to wear with a new pair of pants (I haven’t tucked in a shirt for eons). I couldn’t figure out why none of the belts fit.  They were all way too short! There may be a few extra inches around my middle, but not that much.  Then, I realized that it was the pants style that had changed.  The belts still buckled nicely around my waist (Thank you, Lord), but the belt loops on today’s pants now reside several inches below my waist. Does anyone still find pants that button at their waist?  I swear zippers are about three inches long!  And my underwear sometimes peeks out over the top of the pants.  Know what I mean?

Okay, now for the bright side.  I am not spending extra money on new belts.  My tops will stay untucked.  And I have a new supply of belts for more bracelets.  Win, Win, Win.

Here’s my makes from one skinny red leather belt that was too short for my hipster pants…

Four cute bracelets with metal connectors by Tim Holtz, available at Michaels in the scrap booking department.  And one just using the shiny gold belt buckle.  I used a curved metal bending plier, leather hole punch, rivet kit, and snap kit.


Red Bracelets 2


Red bracelets 3


Red Bracelet 4


What’s in your closet that has potential for transformation into something new and cool?