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Tiny Totems August 19, 2014

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If you’re looking for the artisan-look ear wire tutorial, go HERE.


As I sat this morning looking at the total mess of seed beads

strewn all over the work bench…

(I am definitely not a neat-nik when it comes to making jewelry)

My eyes spied those silver plated ball head pins I used in yesterday’s tutorial.

Inspiration hit!

What a lovely time I had stacking beads to create these mini-totem earrings.

Looking at the gorgeous pile of beady sticks is mesmerizing…

matte, iridescent, bright, subtle, faceted, smooth…

I could hardly go wrong with the mix and matching.

I mostly stacked up one earring, then flipped it upside down

to follow the pattern for the second earring.   Easy random designing !


Totems 1


Totems 2


Totems 3


Now I just need to go make a bucket full of those handcrafted ear wires !


2 Responses to “Tiny Totems”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Beautiful and FUN!!

  2. Thanks, Shel. Nothing too taxing, but think they’d be fun to wear.

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