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Nebula November 20, 2014

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Earrings Everyday has a monthly earring challenge that I occasionally participate in…

love that it’s a quick turn around time, so if I decide to jump in on a particular month,

then I need to follow through quickly.

This month’s inspiration was just too cool and out there for me to pass up…

a student short film from Gobelins, l’ecole de l’Image,in Paris.

This 3 plus minute wonder struck the creative nerve of Erin Prais-Hintz who took charge of

November’s We’re All Ears Challenge.

Kudos, Erin, for sharing this with us. Loved it!


I was struck by the gorgeous imagery of mist and water…

the transformational power of the water in that other-worldly creature.

My earrings are made from 18 gauge sterling silver wire,

formed into beautiful swirls…dripping with opalite droplets.

nebula 1

Nebula 2

And just to show how lovely these are on…

(Thank you, dear Tay, for being my model for this shot )

Opalite Swirls 2


   A side note: I looked up the meaning of the film’s title, Nebula…I kind of had an idea, but not really.

A nebula (from Latin: “cloud”; pl. nebulae or nebulæ, with ligature, or nebulas) is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases. Originally, nebula was a name for any diffuse astronomical object, including galaxies beyond the Milky Way.

So, I went back and watched this little wonder again with a new appreciation…



Lovely Weekend Fair November 17, 2014

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Just finished a craft fair at my church…it benefits our Women’s Ministry program, providing scholarships for our Spring retreat among other things.  I only do a few fairs each year and Love, Love the friendly, warm atmosphere at this one (I might be a tad bit biased). Vendors often say that this is one of their favorites because of how well they are treated. The booth fee is very reasonable, it’s inside, and 8 foot tables are provided.  5-6 non-profits also participate each year for free.

Thought this might be a good time to share my booth set up. I finally added more height this year by adding 7 inch bed risers under the table legs and was rewarded with many nice compliments that the jewelry was easy to view.  And sold a lot of jewelry to boot!

display table 1


This year, I bought two tables…one to try out my dessert/cake pedestals.

They did okay. I’m still not sure if I’ll continue these.

One the other hand, I was really tickled that an eleven year old girl

won one of my creations in the raffle and was so excited to

give it to her big sister for Christmas.

display table 2


I was especially proud of our bake sale shop…they sold of $1,100 worth of goodies!

Those church ladies sure can cook !


Pin Me! October 30, 2014

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Almost forgot my year-long Pinterest self-challenge this month…I’m admitting up front that I’m a total dud for the Crafty Pin lately. My excuse is that all my creative energy is focused on jewelry for some upcoming fairs in November. That said, you’ll notice that this does not apply to food. I still have plenty of energy to try out some new recipes. Made a yummy Thai Chicken Salad with a Chili-Lime Peanut dressing last night for dinner.  Sadly wasn’t thinking at the time about photos or pinning, just eating.

So today I decided to do a quick, fun, and messy Halloween dessert. I pinned this recipe last week thinking it was just too cute with no intention of making it, but for some reason, I just couldn’t get these cupcakes out of my mind…

Candy Corn Cupcakes! from I AM BAKER.  I used a French Vanilla boxed cake mix…divided the batter and colored them yellow and orange. Layered the batters into cupcake papers.  Baked. Cooled. Frosted with cream cheese frosting. Not too sweet, because the crowning glory is a glaze made from Candy Corn, melted with little bit of water. I had a little batter left over for the tiny cakes…which ended up being more marbled than layered.

You’ll notice in these photos that my drizzling skills are not up to snuff.

But don’t think the family will mind once they taste these sweet treats!


cc 1








                Hope your Halloween is the sweetest ever !


She’s a Winner ! October 29, 2014

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She’s a winner…and I’m off to FRANCE !

Well, not me really, but my earrings are.

Which is totally cool when I think about it.

Beth Hagman is twice lucky…she lives in Southern France

AND was lucky commenter number 15 in the earring giveaway

(according to

I had the good fortune a couple of years ago

to explore the area of the picturesque and tasty Dordogne Valley

and southern regions.

Wishing I could fold myself up small enough to squeeze into this package

that will soon be on its way there.

copper feathers


Thanks, everyone,  for all your lovely comments !



My Hands Hurt October 25, 2014

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Spent this morning hammering away on some sterling silver and copper textured pendants. The copper was recycled thick wire, probably 12 gauge, from the garage. Makes great earring pendants to hang pretty beads and stones from. Really tried to keep my thumb out of the way, but it’s still sore from the reverberation of the pounding on the bench block. Because the pieces start out as only one inch in length, I need to hold them pretty close to the edge of the block. And, get this…the copper seemed to heat up as I worked the metal!  Anyone else ever notice this? Not super hot, where I wanted to let go…but a definite heat sensation. Probably something to do with creating energy from the hammering that travels down the wire?

Anyway the end of my thumb and hands need a rest after the pounding, filing, hole punching, more filing, oxidizing, and polishing. Everything is in the tumbler for several hours. Cannot wait to open up the tumbler tonight…one of my favorite things about metal work is seeing the final, super shiny pieces that result.

Here’s a peek at some other things I’ve made this week…


Wings pendant













greencopper bracelet

Vibrant green faceted glass rounds on thick knotted Irish waxed linen cord, with a suede leather strap closure.

copper bargreen bracelet



And a remake of a necklace I made for the Pearls challenge.

Not fully happy with my pearl stringing, perhaps too much space between each pearl?

I think the visual impact of the close spacing

of these gorgeous freshwater coin pearls is much better.

The necklace also sits up much higher on the neck which I like for this one.

copper cross remake




Lastly, there’s still time if you wanted to throw your name into the hat

for the etched copper earrings. Entries close on this Tuesday night.

Just comment on this post.

copper feathers


Hope your weekend is shaping up to be a great one !





A Good Day… October 20, 2014

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I know I’ve got my creative making juices flowing again when I wake up

in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep

because I’ve got all these ideas for jewelry in my brain.

Gave up on the sleep and got up in the dark.

Confused the dog who thought it was time for breakfast at 4:00.

Made stuff until I ran out of ear wires.

Need to work on that tomorrow.

Here are just a few things I finished today.


copper omega and blue










copper swirls


sterling swirls


         Using Czech glass leaves, fresh water pearls,     howlite, agate, turquoise. lamp work glass,                        ‘sea glass’, chalcedony, Swarovski crystal






glass trio


Stick pendant necklaces






           Textured sterling pendant necklaces

     with turquoise and

          chalcedony briolettes.




agate stack

And here’s the little giveaway I promised to you, dear readers…for your wonderful support these last four years and the over 101,000 visits to this blog.

Just add your comment to this blog post to have your name entered. Be sure to leave an email contact. Closes Monday, October 27th.

Oh, and here’s what you will win…a pair of hand shaped, etched copper pendant earrings in a feather design.

With gorgeous Boro glass beads and sterling silver ear wires.


copper feathers



Best of luck !



Back in the saddle… October 17, 2014

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There’s a couple of big craft events looming on the horizon and I’ve been in a bit of a funk about getting things done. Perhaps it was the long hiatus getting ready for our travel and blaming jet lag (two weeks, really??). Went into my workroom a few times, looked around a few minutes, shrugged, walked out and shut the door. Pretty sure you all know what I’m talking about.

I decided one way to get going was to just make components. Spent one day just on punching out, etching, oxidizing, scrubbing, tumbling, and waxing copper pieces. Luckily, I had a good stash of head pins and ear wires already made.

Finally just started putting somethings together. It also helped that a cousin contacted me with an order for several pieces of jewelry that I needed to work on, too. Thank you for that!

Here’s a peek at what’s going on, focusing on copper for now. Need to add more sterling, leather, and        brass to my inventory later.


copper flower discs

stone butterfly

These gorgeous jasper stones were purchased from one of my favorite local shops…Lost Cities. Their staff is so knowledgeable and helpful. And while I cannot afford their collection of ethnic beads and ancient stones, I can and do love to look!

copper amber leaves


Also, trying out something new, since I put my Etsy shop on hold. I’m setting up a website through Square Up…I’ve been thrilled to be able to use the Square for face to face credit card sales at events. They also offer a free market place and the ability to set up a simple to run website. It’s certainly not finished, just added four items, but take a peek…


And just noticed yesterday that this blog has had over 101,000 visits by you guys!

Thanks so much for your encouragement and support these last four years.

I think that calls for a little celebratory give away! Stay tuned…hope to get something fun for this weekend.



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