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Dutch Baby Breakfast ! August 30, 2014

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Since I did not post a Crafty Pinterest Pin this month,

I’m doing a very quick second Foody Me, just because it’s so good and so easy.

And so spectacular when it comes out of the oven !

We just finished enjoying this treat for breakfast this morning.

Just 2 eggs, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup flour, pinch of salt, a bit of grated nutmeg.

Butter for the oven safe skillet.

I add some fresh raspberries today because they were in the frig.

Added a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and powdered sugar before serving.

Dutch Baby


The great thing is you can adjust the amount of ingredients to feed more people

by just keeping the proportions…feed three people with 3 eggs, 2/3 cup milk and flour…

feed four with 4 eggs, 1 cup milk and flour.

One caveat is to be sure everyone is at the table and ready to eat

when you take this puffy delight out of the oven.

In this case, first impressions are important.

It starts to deflate pretty quickly, yet still beautiful and very tasty.

There are many different variations of this recipe on Pinterest,

but this is the one I used, adjusting the proportions for two people. Dutch Baby !

I’m definitely keeping this one handy for a quick weekend breakfast or  brunch…

and a great treat for guests.

I promise that my next post will be back to more jewelry adventures!



Cupcake Surprise ! August 25, 2014

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Last week of August and it’s time for me to step up

and post about my Personal Pinterest Challenge.

Confession…I only have a Foody Me this month.

I leave on a three week trip next Tuesday and Crafty Me must have

packed her bags and left early, because she’s got nuttin’ to share.

So…have you ever been in a pinch

to produce something yummy to serve to someone else

and whipped out a recipe you’ve never tried before?

Not always the best choice, I admit,

but last night was one of those times to live dangerously.

These just looked so good in the Pin that I just had to give it a shot.

Plus it looked way easy and fast.

Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Cupcakes…

a real mouthful to say and, luckily for me, a tasty mouthful to eat!

Oreo cookie 2

I know it doesn’t look like much,

but just flip it over for the OREO cookie surprise!


oreo cookie


Oreo platter

I filled tiny cupcake tins with just the left over filling.

Next time, I think a dollop of whipped cream of top would be lovely.

Thank you Handle the Heat blog for getting me out of a tight spot last

night and providing this little taste of heaven for my guests to enjoy.


Tiny Totems August 19, 2014

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If you’re looking for the artisan-look ear wire tutorial, go HERE.


As I sat this morning looking at the total mess of seed beads

strewn all over the work bench…

(I am definitely not a neat-nik when it comes to making jewelry)

My eyes spied those silver plated ball head pins I used in yesterday’s tutorial.

Inspiration hit!

What a lovely time I had stacking beads to create these mini-totem earrings.

Looking at the gorgeous pile of beady sticks is mesmerizing…

matte, iridescent, bright, subtle, faceted, smooth…

I could hardly go wrong with the mix and matching.

I mostly stacked up one earring, then flipped it upside down

to follow the pattern for the second earring.   Easy random designing !


Totems 1


Totems 2


Totems 3


Now I just need to go make a bucket full of those handcrafted ear wires !


Make Your Own Artisan-look Ear Wires ! August 18, 2014

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These are easy-squeezy, with just a few basic jewelry tools

and purchased ball head pins.

 I started making these pretty early in my jewelry making life, mainly to save $$$.

For work in sterling silver, I work the same process,

but with my own torch made ball head pins.

You’ll need:  20 – 22 gauge ball head pins. I used brass and silver plated for these.

Chain-nosed pliers, round-nosed pliers, nippers (wire cutters),

round stick pen or pencil, file or cup bur.

Optional: bench block and hammer


For simplicity and because none these steps is particularly difficult,

this is another pictorial tutorial.


ear wires 2


Ear wires 1


Ear wires 3


Ear wires 4


Ear wires 5


Ear wires 6


Ear wires 7


Ear wires 8


****This hammering step also work hardens the wire and adds stability to the shape****


Ear wires 9


Source for 21 gauge silver plated ball head pins: Goody Beads

Under 3 dollars a package.  A bargain on any planet !


Three in One Postie July 30, 2014

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July is winding down, so it’s time to do a little finishing up on a couple of things.

First, the Art Bead Scene challenge.

I haven’t participated in several months, maybe more…

either the art didn’t particularly inspire me or a time crunch.

This month, I was determined to push through this challenge.

That’s what makes it a challenge, right?  Here is the inspiration painting.



The Little Mermaid, 1911 by Edmund Delac

Pencil, pen, black ink, and watercolor with scratching out on paper

And here’s my necklace,  with a poly clay pendant with a glass cabochon

I had made for a Sally Russick cab challenge that I never used.

The glass pebble is backed with a scrap of Japanese rice paper.

I then encased the pebble in textured polymer clay.

After the first baking, the piece was painted with a mixture of alcohol inks and glaze.

Baked again, and varnished.

Mermaid's Tale close up

Mermaid's Tale


Next two quickies are for my monthly Pinterest Pin challenge…

I’m trying to go ahead and make some of the things that I pin, for heaven’s sake!

Crafty Me made this hanging tea light/ flower vase

from a too-cute mason jar with handle…Dollar Store score!!

(Think I heading back there tomorrow, because I decided I really, really need

more of these for summer drinks. Don’t you?)

Some beads, 18 gauge aluminum wire from the hardware store,

and baker’s twine is all I needed.

hanging flower vase

hanging glass jar



And the Foodie Me…made this fancy looking appetizer last week.

Well, not these particular ones, because I forgot to take photos.

However, I can attest to the fact that they were easy and delicious…

and impressive to guests.


Cut thick slices of a French baguette, straight across on end, slanted on the other.

Pull about some of the soft innards.

Spoon in whatever tasty dip and top with whatever veggies you like.

I made some with spicy red pepper hummus and some with a cream cheese Ranch dip.



“We’re All Ears” July Challenge July 18, 2014

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Earrings Everyday continues to inspire me

with their monthly  “We’re All Ears” challenges.

July is no exception with this powerful poster image.

Two sailing boats on Puget Sound, in Washington state.


It was posted on July 4th and besides the obvious patriotic theme,

there is so much energy and movement in photo.

Can’t you almost feel the sea spray in your face

and wind in your hair ?

My goal was to capture some of those gorgeous blues of the sea and sky…

and give the earrings a feeling of easy breezy movement.

I was pleased that their shape also mimicked some of the geometric motif in the sails.


Blue sails


blue seed bead sails 2

Funny how I just cannot seem to get away from seed beads

in these monthly challenges…is it a challenge within a challenge??


Now, I’m heading over to Earrings Everyday to see what everyone else created.

 I love earrings  !


It’s You, Cindy !! July 9, 2014

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Random number generator says…Number Three!  That’s you, Cindy Taylor !

Contact me at with your mailing address

and those cute golden seed bead earrings will be on their way.

yellow seed beads

Maybe not tomorrow though…

because my dear husband and I will be off to celebrate our 44th anniversary.

Nothing super special…just noodling around our beautiful city, enjoying the day together,

and happy hour somewhere in Little Italy, for sure.

Saving our spending money for Austria and Germany in September.

Shhh…don’t tell him, but I’m researching bead stores in some of the cities we’ll be visiting.

Hoping to get some of that beautiful Czech glass on a stop in Prague !



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