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Nestlings… December 1, 2017

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So my fingers are black and my nails are in shreds.  Who needs tools when you have fingernails?  Pfffft.

These are for the two remaining holiday markets next weekend…for all those nurturing women in our life.


bird nest cuff





Now I really need to find my nail brush…

P.S.  So happy to see the WordPress snow falling again!



Transformed Trio November 28, 2017

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Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day…We just finished the last of the leftovers for dinner last night.

I also got the itch to cut up and play with another used thrift store belt for embellishing cuffs.  This $3 belt will make four bracelets.  While three are done, there’s still one more in my head to make.

Using varying combos of embossing, painting, and ink stamping, these all received different embellishments.  Each one also has a different closure.  And all were treated to a couple of coats of Ren Wax to protect the finishes.

This first one has a large agate slice wired on with a button and leather loop closure.


trio 1


trio 2


Next has a lovely statement that kind of makes me a little teary.  A great encouragement for women, I think. Used a leather lace with bead for an adjustable closure.




This last one might be for men or women??  I do like the large toggle clasp with the pewter painted finish on the leather.  Not sure…unisex?  What do you think?


trio 4


One last look at my new trio of up-cycled leather bracelets.  Still plenty of belt for another one!










That’s a wrap! November 20, 2017

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So, my few holiday markets are going well.  Two more to go, both the second weekend in December…one all day Friday and one Saturday afternoon.

I did find out that people love buying the leather bracelets, so I’ve ordered more materials to make some more for these events.  One group is has been sunbathing outside during the daylight hours to deepen their color before I run them through the rolling mill to emboss them.  Good thing we’re still sunny in Southern California this week!

Don’t think I’ve ever shared my packaging for jewelry…probably because it’s nothing super special. As I’ve been making up a new batch for these last two markets, I’ll let you know what I do…Simple, simple.  But I like them.

I purchase 4 1/2 x 6 3/4 inch glassine bags on Amazon.  One hundred in a pack. They are used in bakeries for those small cookie purchases.

Using StazOn ink and some large stamps, I add a pretty design to one side of the bag. Done!  As I said, Simple.  I do put my earrings or a delicate sterling silver necklace into a small clear ziplock bag first.

This size is large enough for earrings, bracelets, and most of my necklaces.  And in my humble opinion, these will do for a gift bag in a pinch. I can also slip in a sale receipt and business card.

The permanent ink and stamps are from Michaels…these can be pricey, so alway use a coupon or purchase when there is a 40% sale.  These stamps are used and abused!  I use them with polymer clay designs, stamping packaging and signage, and stamping copper for etching metal.  Besides the ink colors shown, I also have black, red, and blue.

Love this product.


DSCN6039 2



These are the bags…did I say Simple?  Yup, I did!



Painting leather… October 26, 2017

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More experiments with leather yesterday.  I’m having too much fun when I should really be giving full attention to inventory for some holiday markets.  Hoping these add some new interest for those returning shoppers.

This first one was dabbed with acrylic paints in lilac, turquoise, and old gold. Then stamped all over with StazOn ink.


painted cuff


painted cuff 2


And this, embellished with a gorgeous Vintaj Dragonfly and a carnelian nugget.

dragonfly cuff


This bracelet was embossed, then painted with a mix of acrylic paint and antiquing medium.  Rubbed with a paper towel when almost dry.

With more Vintaj beauties.

green cuff


This last one, is a piece of one of my husband’s old leather belts.  And you guessed it!

Another Vintaj pretty.

old belt leather


              Two more cuffs made from pieces of the old belt…giving it a new life!


flower cuff


hoplite cuff


Thinking I need to hit the thrift stores for some more leather belts!


More shopping temptations… October 21, 2017

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I am now taking the afternoon off to go have lunch with my daughters and see a movie!


Getting in gear… October 20, 2017

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The first of three Holiday Markets is coming in a couple of weeks…time to get a move on! I’m trying to add some new things to my offerings…the leather pieces I’ve recently shown you and this week I’ve created some embossed and textured sterling silver components from sheet metal.  Cut, shaped, embossed or hammered, pickled, oxidized, sanded, tumbled, polished, and wired up.  Oh, and forgot, domed!

 They’ve been through a lot to get to this…










Love these!  But I’m going to need to order more sheet metal soon.





More Leather Lessons… October 11, 2017

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Hello!  I’m having more fun learning how to work with leather and really appreciate the comments and suggestions from those of you have more experience than I do…please keep them coming!


First, I’m becoming more sensitive to the workings of how much pressure to use in the rolling mill to get a nice deep impression on these leather straps.  Not too light and not so hard that I destroy the plastic embossing plates.  Also, I experimented with a piece of file folder with the plates to see if I could continue a pattern along a strip of leather without getting empty spaces or a demarcation line from the plate’s edge.  Hmmm…still working on consistency in this.  Suggestions?  I was wondering if the small pasta machine that I use with the poly clay work would also do the trick.  Then, I wouldn’t need to wait to use the rolling mill in my metal’s class on Tuesday nights.  I’ll let you know how that goes…


leather 4


Next…a nice finish to the leather is achieved by application (sometimes, multiple applications) of my old friend, Renaissance Wax.  The wax was applied to the edges as well. After drying and buffing with an old terry cloth rag, it not only provides protection, but a nice soft sheen. The edges also had a more finished look that I liked.  Also noticed that an extra application in spots can even out some color variations.  The application will darken the leather a bit.  These pre-made straps come as unfinished tooling leather…pretty light in color.  My new best friend, Mr. Ray, told me to just leaving them out in the sun to naturally darken them.  It did this for a few days, then the Ren Wax did the rest of the work to give the leather color I wanted.

Last lesson for today…I tried rounding the ends of some bracelet straps.  A work in progress…after trimming the corners with scissors, I tried using a rasp file and smoothing out the edges.  This seemed to work okay.  I then, rubbed some of the wax on the edges to finish them off and color-blend with the rest of the bracelet .

Trying out some button closures, too.  Always adding a few drops of hypo-cement to any knots for extra security.  This brass button was fancied up with some metal paint patina.  Cute!


leather 2


leather 3


Leather 1